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Gifts from Airbnb

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There’s a whole thread “Airbnb gift, anyone else?” that has lots of great stories! And photos!

Me? Nothing.

Just checked that thread out - WOW! I have received coupons from Airbnb after something has gone wrong with my listing, which was a nice touch and I’ve used them. But no “gifts” per se. Franky, I would rather they spend that money on an ad campaign that would generate more bookings in the autumn. There seemed to be a flurry of newbies booking right after their last campaign…but it’s been crickets for the last couple of weeks.

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Nothing, ever. But I don’t expect to. If you’ve read several of my other posts (OK then, rants) you’ll know that I see Airbnb as an advertising platform only. I don’t expect gifts :slight_smile:

after a troublesome guest I got this from airbnb :slight_smile:

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I’m shocked! I got NOTHING when my place was upsold by a “travel curator” without my permission. Once I received a dish towel with an “A” on it. Meh. It was pretty cheaply done.

Wine!!! I want some :smile:


sadly NADA… And I keep checking to make sure my address is correct! Because “sometimes we send gifts.” :smile:

AND macadamia nuts! :yum: Last time I was in Maui I came home with a wicked macadamia nut habit…I must have gained a gazillion pounds! Hard habit to break let me tell ya (especially the chocolate covered ones).


I’d prefer pistachios :slight_smile:

I think the choco ones are obviously fattening, but don’t the plain ones contain the “good” sort of fat?

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Have you tried Kona “speedballs?” Chocolate-covered Kona coffee beans for the win!

Chocolate-covered coffee bean “speedballs” = toilet stripes.

…but don’t quote me.


I’ve never gotten anything “fun” from air. I mean, an email on my “hostiversary”…but that’s all.

I received a gift from Air two days ago! An email entitling me to $200 off a mid-week stay anywhere in Sonoma for July and August. Unfortunately I live 6,600 miles away in New Zealand so probably won’t be redeeming the coupon if anyone wants it? :wink:

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Yeah, it’s the inconsistency that’s disturbing. Why some and not others? Maybe it depends on how much you make for the company?

However, I once had vacation plans hamstrung by a huge and long auto repair. I had to cancel my original reservations (2) losing over $100. Then my ‘plan b’ was threatened by the auto repair taking even longer than expected. I called air nothing there was nothing they could do, I was going to lose another chunk of fees - but instead they refunded me the other fees. Plan ‘b’ worked nicely and I appreciated their kindness. It wasn’t a ton of money, but, it was the thought that counted.

Airbnb invited a whole lot of super hosts from our city( Melbourne Australia) to a fully catered event. Then sent us all home with a $900 vacuum cleaner. Around 200 pax. We love Airbnb


In that vein, we Brooklyn hosts often get invited to gatherings at restaurants with open bar and food but they’ve never given us such nice parting gifts! And usually these gatherings are to get us to do something, like meet local business vendors or speak up on behalf of airbnb to our city legislators.

Well darn, I’m seething with jealousy. I’ve never received a bloody thing from them, aside from a smoke detector that malfunctioned when I installed it. :sleepy:


I spoke too soon! Just retrieved my mail, and look what they sent! it’s about seven years late!!! :smile:

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