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Generally sloppy guests ignored house rules - review?

Ok so two very nice people stayed with us for 3 nights just left. She was the first guest to strip the sheets and I should have known they’d be full of stains. That’s minor we will see how they wash. But, they had food in the bedroom, ate Pringles in the bedroom and got crumbs all over, drank something sticky and left the beverage cover under the bed. Rules say nothing but water in the bedroom. He had a bottle of vodka in there. They stored extra food in our fridge which was fine. Left a big dark mark on the wall. He asked to smoke outside which is clearly not in the house rules but my sweet husband let him. I can’t blame the guest for that but why did he ask?
Guest also had mobility issues which made me worry. I would not have them back although they implied that they want to come back.
So my question is, what kind of review would you leave. They are very nice but a bit oblivious. Also, they had full use of our downstairs family room to eat, watch tv, etc.
how do you all feel as hosts?

From my point of view and the limited experience i have so far i would politely point some of the things to them in the private review instead of the public one. They might be the nicest people in the world, but it is your property and has to be respected as well.

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I’m inclined to agree. It seems that the only house rule they broke was eating in the room? You could possibly put at the end of the review ‘potential guests please note - we do not allow food in the room’.


I’d give one of those “damned by faint praise” reviews and mark them down on stars for cleanliness. I’d mention the food and the smoking in the private feedback. When a smoker books a non-smoking place and then asks for an exception, that’s annoying! I don’t even like smokers in my room at all because there is a stink that comes with them.


SO, if they cant eat in their bedroom, where could the eat? Is there a kitchen table or dining table?

Did you read my post girlfriend? They have the entire first floor family room, dining table, tv, sofa, access to the patio, etc. she was simply a slob, sprawled across the bed eating chips! And don’t give me a loud SO :grin:

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AND do you eat in your bedroom? REALLY!!!

Only if there are airbnb guests here. LOL.


I almost choked on the food I was not eating in my bedroom!

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Oh dammit, I was just going to sneak off to bed with a sandwich and a glass of wine and watch Netflix … now I feel guilty!

Thinking about it though, I do like my morning tea in bed (a very Brit thing) and a glass of milk at bedtime. I’m very law-abiding, so I’d follow your rules, but I don’t think I’d feel very comfortable …

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And it’s NOT THEIR BEDROOM, it’s a rented space with clear rules!

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Funny but that’s what dining rooms or kitchens are for, or just have an open space. But, if they spill their food all over it’s not fun and bad feng shui not to mention BUGS,! It’s summer lol.

You need to add house rules. Yes you’ll get fewer bookings, but you’ll appreciate guests who follow your rules more.

I have house rules, is anybody paying attention?
They violated them.

  1. It does not say in your OP that there is a dining table in family room. I thought you were not happy with them eating in family room also. In my fanily room there is no dining table, just couches, and i would rather my guests eat in their bedroom, then on my white couches occupying our family room. Thats why i could not understand where they can eat.
  2. I did not give you a loud SO, this is how i type sometimes by making first letter capital and by mistake the second comes out capital also.
  3. I do eat in my bedroom ALL THE TIME. now, i gave you loud words on purpose:)Not only that, when my daughter was at home, we had “bedroom picknics” in front of the TV, with our dog. We all loved it. Even now when she is away and comes home to visit, we still have “bedroom picknics”.But we are not slobs, we eat crefully and clean after ourselves.

Reallllllyy? No really?

Well I would not host you if you think a bedroom is for eating. Since you are a moderator can you delete my account? This forum is ridiculous

Yes, really. What is wrong to eat in a bedroom if you have trays. I would rather my guests eat in their rooms instead of hanging out in our kitchen. Or dining room.

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Ok so very plain it’s called a bedroom, not a dining room not a kitchen, not a bathroom if you get my drift.

Get me outta here! Vmbygstj

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