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Gaming Room for those rainy days

Hello All,
I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for a Game Rooms on those rainy days? We just got rid of a poker style table because it was falling apart but want to replace it with some other type items. We have lots of puzzles and board games. We are not putting in a video game system. What have you found to be durable and well received; Foosball table, dart board, indoor basketball shooter, air hockey, ping pong table or shuffle board? Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

I had one similar to this.

I think it would’ve been great, but I removed it just before listing on Airbnb because I had also just tiled the floors and was afraid billiard balls hitting the floor would break the tiles.

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How about making that space a TV room with an oversize TV, comfy sofa, DVD player with a selection of DVDs and a popcorn machine.

Roulette! Printed blanket goes over oblong table, ball , chips ring and designated dealer. What fun! We had it for a party! you can probably get a set in a 18 x 18 boximage

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Funny this topic came up. We have a two story workshop that we’re renovating. It used to be just wasted storage space, but we’re updating it to include a movie theater and Concession stand on the top floor and on the bottom a gym, game area, and arcade. Oh, also, a built in tornado shelter.


In progress:


I would not wish that on any host. I always knew when guests had popcorn because it was all over the floor, in the sofa cushions, under the coffee table.

We will be doing a popcorn machine. Wish us luck. We’re also charging extra for access to this space.

In the spring, my family staying in a place with a super long shuffleboard table. It was ideal, because no one had played before, so we all started at the same level and all ages could play.

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Other than having to clean the machine I don’t see why it would be more problems than people eating anything else in the theater room. Melted chocolate or gummy candies in between cushions would probably be more problematic.

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I used to put microwave popcorn in the snack basket when I first started. Did not take long to figure out that was a mistake! I also used to leave fresh chicken eggs, with a note how they were laid by chickens with names. Then I realized people went out and bought bacon to go with them and stunk up the house and greased up the stove. No eggs for guests anymore…



That will be a cool Movie room!!

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We’ve have a big Smart TV with plenty of seating in the space too. That’s on the other side of the room.

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I had an immediate vision when reading “popcorn machine” of butter stains smeared all over the sofa and chairs.


They are no different than microwave popcorn stains, or orange Cheeto/Dorito stains, or red wine stains or…

It’s easy to go down a road where you take away all amenities because you worry about what problems it would cause. If one has a home theater a popcorn machine is a cool addition.


What an awesome space! Your guests will love it!

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Quite true. I guess I was foolishly thinking that people would normally eat messy, stain-producing food like that at the table, rather than on an upholstered sofa, but that’s pretty naive of me.


I just today cleaned great splashes of red wine and something unidentified (carrot cake? I will never know because I refuse to further investigate it) from the listing bedsheets.
At the table! Good one! :wink:


We were at a rental this Summer with a gameroom and I’d say no to the dartboard (there were holes in the wall all around the board, as well as in the hardwood floor…). My kids always love foosball and an air hockey machine and these seem like things that adults might use as well. Indoor basketball would be amazing, just make sure there are no breakable things in the vicinity?

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As my state has gone into an enhanced-lockdown, my first thought is “what can you offer that is easy to clean and disinfect”. To me that elimimates anything with small pieces or parts.


Well, we have a ceramic chess table in the central patio, maybe all we have to do now is find suitably disinfectable chess pieces :grinning:

We don’t provide much now in the way of games etc, hooked them all way back in March. If it’s raining, no problem I can recommend a bar with a canopy. Don’t hang around here using my (extremely) expensive heating, you won’t melt if it’s raining.

Get out there and enjoy yourself, there are four umbrellas you can borrow just next to the front door!


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