Funniest/weirdest reviews

I just hosted a lovely pair of S Korean guests. They didn’t speak much English but were sweet as pie and seemed to like my place. They left beautiful hand-made gifts. Anyway, I just translated their review and this made me laugh out loud:

"The water in the bath comes out well, and the cat that the host grows can also see the bread baking in front of the heater. : D "

Google translate is well-known for it’s poor Korean translation, I know. In some ways, I hope they don’t improve it because it’s such fun.

Anyone got any other fun reviews?

[Been off the site for some time so hi to anyone that possibly missed me :)]


No fun or funny ones here - but enjoyed reading yours! Welcome back!


I’m trying to work out what they meant about my cat and baking bread. Guessing they meant he likes to sit near the radiator? ! Love the idea of me growing him. Like a pot plant but far more hungry and demanding.


Yes, that is what they meant. The cat sitting by the radiator is like seeing bread baking, which actually makes sense. Cats do sometimes mimic lumps of dough. Clearly google translate mangled the translation. It is cute!


Welcome home :slight_smile:

I once had guests who understood the concept of ‘leaving a review’ but didn’t quite get that the idea was to leave it online.

They left a fabulous review - including five stars - on a piece of paper in the apartment :slight_smile:


I got a great entry in my guest book a few days ago but still no online review. In her defense I think she is on the road still doing national parks.


Nice replies, thank you folks! I just got a review from a lovely guy that got early check-in, some laundry done for him, nice chats blah blah. Yeah, you guessed it… 4* for everything and 3* for check-in. If his ears didn’t go on fire tonight, it wasn’t for trying. Oh well. Onwards!
Cat is baking nicely. Wish he would make scones or something.


I had the opposite - Swiss-German family that sent me cheery texts periodically during their visit so I thought it was all ok. Then they wrote nice personal comments in English and appear to have rated fine, but the German language part complained about all kinds of things that were totally fixable during their stay had I known like ‘not enough kitchenware’. Well, Swiss-Germans certainly won’t be booking with me! Luckily with regional filtering, their reviews will only pop to the top for a small subset… Not many Europeans traveling in the US these days.

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I’ve gotten 2 sweet little notes left behind so I started a guest book and glued them in there. They also left nice reviews online though.


Wonder if they will end up here? I’m in training to be a docent at our local National Park! Not your usual Park - this is the place where Plutonium was made during WWII and the Cold War. The only way to see it is to take a government provided bus out to the reactor at specific times. If you are curious look up B Reactor Tours. This is one third of a non-contiguous National Park covering WA, Oak Ridge TN, and Los Alamos, NM

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I’ve missed you :wink: . Hope all is ok. Will PM you,

What do you mean “possibly”? Probably is more likely! Welcome back, and this is so funny. I have a Korean friend who will simply love it. Perhaps she should offer her translation services to Google.

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I found two in the dining room this morning…

Great to see you here Mag!
This was a clear typo but it was left for us when we stayed at an Airbnb in Chicago
“…were excellent. I highly recommend hiring them if you have a chance.”

We never did get hired again :joy:

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Thanks :slight_smile: Ha ha at being hired guests! I’d like to “re-hire” a couple of recent guests to wash the towels they left behind… !


I had a recent couple stay at my cottage at a WOODED Florida Beach location…They LOVED THE PLACE but must think I’m GOD when it comes to cleaning…He gave me a less than perfect cleanliness rating because he came out on the front screened porch to find a small gardener snake sunning on the floor. HELLO you should have booked a top floor condo where you might only encounter a palmetto bug… FORTUNATELY ALL OF MY OTHER GUESTS HAVE ALWAYS GIVEN ME ALL 5 STARS for everything.


How about “The bathroom taps have good pressure and the host’s pet cat looked warm and toasty lying near the fire”…? :slight_smile:Cheers,

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“We arrived early to check-in and the hosts were eating lunch. We felt like we were intruding”.


Ooh, there’s a theme developing! All these toasty cats. Frankly I’d be tempted to throw mine right on the fire at the moment, he’s being so annoying.

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:laughing: This is a good candidate for the definition of obtuseness.