Fraud: Guest Holds Huge Party

A fellow host was blindsided by an organized party circuit where they rent the property with a fake guest (verified but no reviews) and then invite 100s and charge for the party. In this case, there were 300+ people who subsequently broke the floor/foundation, etc.

Is Airbnb looking to better vet guests? Perhaps a more thorough guest rating system similar to what car rental companies do (under 25 age would have a higher security deposit etc.)?

I’m hearing of more and more fraudulent guest issues.

I have surveillance cameras outside my property (which I disclose) and clearly state “No parties or events”.

Security deposit is totally up to a host. A host should screen guests, ask age and then charge accordingly. What kind of a property is it that 300 people could show up and fit in. Was it a a secluded mansion? That those who organized a party were not worried that neighbors would call police?

I believe this host has a very strict no party policy that is re-enforced via a specific email, house rules in the listing, a phone screening, and a personal check in.

I guess my question is: in those cases where everything is done (in terms of check list items like I just listed) and the people are fraudulent/bad intentioned criminals … what more can be done by the actual AirBnb product/platform to ensure lower liability for its hosts? A “trust” measure for new guests is going to become a hot topic in the coming year and I hope AirBnb can make some product changes to ensure that criminals do not continue to “game the system”.

Yana, Depending on the US city, police may or may not break up a party or enter the premises. In those cases, if the guests are hosting a party and there are criminal elements … there is no way to break up a party.

As I stated earlier, I believe it is due time for AirBnb to underscore a “trust” measure for new guests that are not reviewed. A social media verification is not enough.

I absolutely believe this is going to become a hot topic in the coming year as organized criminals are starting to “game the system”. I hope AirBnb can make some product changes to ensure that criminals do not continue to game the system.

There is a maximum security deposit and that would not cover any major damages to a house.

@Yana_Agapova - that was my first thought too - what sort of place on Air can accommodate 300 people? Where on earth did they all park? I suspect that there are a lot of horror stories out there that are greatly exaggerated or simply not true.

If Air was going to screen all guests and determine the security deposit and so on then no doubt they would increase their fees enormously. In the ‘olden days’ when we used to advertise in print publications, magazines and newspapers didn’t vet the guests. They were just an advertising platform and so in a way is Air.

Hi Jaquo,

You are incorrect. There is a police report, videos, and much evidence. It was a huge party. As a host, why would you question the authenticity of my post? What is your affiliation? Are you actually a host?

Would love to discuss the point brought up vs. being told it is being exaggerated.

Is this actually a forum for hosts and ideas on how to improve the hosting process?


Yes I am a host and yes this forum is to enhance the hosting experience for us all. You will see that my comment was ‘I suspect that there are a lot of horror stories out there that are greatly exaggerated or simply not true.’ This was not to suggest that YOU were lying or exaggerating but that ‘there are a lot of horror stories out there’. Which there are.

I was hoping to alleviate any concerns you might have about hosting.

Ok thanks for explaining.

It wasn’t my house but this is a good friend and I’ve seen all the damage and watched videos of the actual party. The police report is definitive (300 people). And the host in question is definitely not exaggerating. It is not a mansion but it’s a private house that has some measure of privacy.

This is an organized criminal activity. They will lie to get into the house and good luck getting them out while the party is going on.

Rappers, drugs, etc. Very scary people. You would be afraid to try and break up the party.

So, I’m advocating that AirBnb improve their trust measures for guests … Just like a car rental company treats people under 25.

I thought Air has 1mil$ damage insurance. Airbnb was created 6 years ago, its not like its a brand new venture. They changed alot during these years and to the better, and they keep changing, sometimes bringing in new tricks that people dont welcome, and then they take it away. But so far, i think its the best vacation rental site so far comparing to others, at least its my experience. Lets see what they can come up with next


Good point. Do you know of anyone that has been reimbursed on that policy? Or, how to connect with them?

@Ellie_Ja - I think that several hosts at this forum have claimed but be warned that it has its own regulations that must be adhered to (for example, photographs of damages should be supplied and police reports, if relevant. Within 48 hours).

Most hosts don’t rely on it though and have their own insurance. There are several topics about insurance here that you can explore.

No, i dont know anybody. Your friend can always call them and ask. As with every insurance they will need proof of damages, repair estimates and so on. I am still curious what kind of property is is? Even in 6 bedroom masion its hard to fit 300 people unless it has enormous backyard

Didn’t Kona claim when she had her guest from hell? The one who destroyed the table?

Over the course of several hours… I think it was over 300 people. Not a mansion but a big enough house.

By the way, in many cases, police will not come round as they consider this a civil, not a criminal, matter.

Maybe going to the press is a smart strategy.

Parties usually are loud and go well into the night. That’s why police is being called, not because there are criminal actuvities

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Police are not a reliable way to stop a party, unfortunately. Depending on the city… many will say it is a civil matter (vs. criminal) and will not get involved.

This is very true. However hosts need to protect themselves as much as possible from the eventuality. It’s easy for me to say because I live right opposite our rental. (I can see the apartment now from where I’m sitting).

I don’t think I could cope with a rental where I wasn’t onsite.

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