Four shot, 2 dead within 500 ft of my Airbnb

Our city has spent the last 5 years in an upward trend. There is one reminder of the bad old days, and that’s the bar on the corner. It’s a gritty eyesore, but over the last year it’s been winding down.

Last night they had a party in the basement when a guy walked in and started shooting. You know the rest.

Should I disclose this to future guests? Have a sale? Any suggestions or ideas?

PS - City Hall is proactive, and a year from now I have a feeling that bar will be the site of future condos. In the meantime…

Why disclose it? It was an “incident”. It’s not like there are shootings there on a regular basis, right? Even if it’s an eyesore and attracts lowlifes. I think you’ve been hosting for a long time? And the bar has always been there? So why mention a shooting there to guests ? If they heard about it and ask if they’ll be safe, then respond to their concerns in any way you feel is truthful.


Create an experience… Murder tour…

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Or treat it as an opportunity to up-sell self-defense equipment, supplies, and training to your guests. :crazy_face:

(agrees wholeheartedly, starts inventing new names like Smith’s Smackdown Stay)…

An adventure you’ll never forget…!


I’m waiting for some entrepreneurial type to start hosting tours of Airbnb “party houses” where people got shot. “Yes, that’s the original blood on the wall, nothing has been faked for these tours.”


Things can happen in the best of neighborhoods. Don’t disclose it but have a sincere direct response ready if some one asks you about it.


DO NOT DISCLOSE! What possible good would it do?

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Hi, @justMandi, I spend some time working in your city every year – in the good and bad parts. I looked up staying with you once (your listing showed up in the search), but it was boys only, and I’m not the sort who writes “I see you have a rule. Please break it for me.” :slight_smile:
Anyway, as a guest, I would not expect you to disclose a nearby shooting. I would not expect you to disclose even an on-site shooting. Unless you were the shooter, I guess.
I like Smith’s Smackdown Stay for your new listing title, though…


Hi Lawre, thanks for this!

I also did some checking, and there have been 47 gun incidents so far this year in a city of 500k.

Still, I had female guests wandering around that bar alone at 1am, getting off the bus or taking strolls (!) Repeatedly. There was also a crackhouse nearby. For me the danger was real. I offered them lifts etc. But nooooo…

I was soundly trounced by Air for this, and concurrently, the crackhouse was completely renovated and sold in 4 days. I am on the cusp of quadrupling in value in 6 years, then this.

I offered my long term tenant and friend an opportunity to leave with a full refund, Being a sensible type, she declined. I also take extended hikes on the Niagara escarpment and neighbourhoods south of here without fear. Just avoid the bar.

As I said to my roomie, a year from now things will be different. They will probably shut that bar down for serving liqour after hours. I can envision a teardown, a condo, a Starbucks, and a pizza place. But I dream in technicolour.

Until then, life on Chestnut goes on. Little kids playing with puppies, grannies gossiping, and me making curtains.

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I’m hopeful for that soon an investor will see the potential and buy then renovate or raze/rebuild because of the value of the property.

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True confessions: I am overlooking my blessings. And the outlook is even more positive. Thanks for reminding me.