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Found prior guest who checked out 8 days ago in my kitchen at 5 am today!


I didn’t suggest we should ‘sell charity’ That would be repugnant.

Unlike you I am not suspect of worthy causes as I have dedicated my career to working in them.

I didn’t say anywhere that this should be used as a tactic to market your listing to a guest.

I am suggesting a mechanism whereby we can use the power of Airbnb to raise awareness of local causes in areas guests are visiting.

And whereby hosts and management companies and guests can donate a percentage of their earnings to the chosen cause.

Can you imagine what sort of support could given to address homelessness issues globally for example if every host and management company gave 1% of their earnings to support homeless issues. We could build hostels, build halfway housing, provide mental health support, set up feeding programmes etc.


I already do that and much more. I do not for example need to tell guests that I am doing that or that my income goes out in this way. I really do not understand how telling guests to check a box for donations will change it.


What comes to mind is the ‘Smile’ program on Amazon. I pick my charity, link to Smile and all my purchases automatically donate a small portion to the Charity. It’s a IFTT set-up.




Thanks @RootsEatery yes exactly, that sort of thing.


This is not talking about you or I might or might not already be doing as individuals.

This is about setting up a global system whereby hosts and management companies could choose to donate a percentage of their income to a local cause every-time they receive a booking. And that guests could also choose to make a donation.

This has the twin benefit of both raising awareness of the chosen cause and raising funds for them.


The problem I see with this is the company in charge has too much say in it, for instance Facebook has a function to raise money for a cause, as long as it is on the list… I raise money every year fo a worthy cause and I find many creative ways including allowing electric cars to charge at my house for a donation. Shameless plug coming next… www.tofighthiv.org/goto/gary



Thanks for your input @RiverRockRetreat

And please feel free to shameless plug away :slight_smile:


I would be careful about using the term “safe space” for a couple reasons. You cannot guarantee that others will find you and your place to be a safe space and you cannot not guarantee that you and your space can be free of judgement or harm. Additionally, it is possible that terminology may attract a guest that then has expectations of you meeting needs of theirs beyond hosting a room or guests who have high needs. I think your terms open and welcoming home are clear.
Thanks for sharing your experience and reminding hosts to stay vigilant.


@JulesRules - thanks for your insight! I’ve decided to leave it as “open and welcoming” and add a pic similar to the one posted by @KKC!


I had a situation last year where I had guests that were very strange and I couldn’t pinpoint what they were doing but I knew it wasn’t legal. I contacted the host they stayed after my place, and together her and I compared notes, and situation was similar. Long story short I contacted the FBI and after alot of investigating and googling (on my part), I figured out they were making SKIMMERS! There were numerous crime reports in a nearby town with their images caught on cash machines cameras, as well as the town they booked after my place. There was not enough information for the FBI to file charges as they used fake names, ID’s, etc. for their Air account. I notified Air and they never did take their profile down, although I haven’t checked lately to see if they had updated reviews in the past nine months. Most of their reviews were fake too! I now ask many questions before I approve, including names of all guests, car make/model and license, why they are in town, etc. If people seem suspicious when they inquire and they don’t answer all questions to my satisfaction I decline right away.


@doitforthemoney - I actually found my intruder/past guest’s latest review on Airbnb and realized I knew the couple who hosted him in a neighboring town last week, and emailed them this morning. They immediately called me and I gave them the lowdown on everything that took place, and they indicated he was checking in there again today! I messaged Air again today, and sent them a screenshot of the police activity report posted today on Facebook by our local PD with the guest’s name, crime, location, date/time of arrest warrant issued. They have STILL not removed him and stated: “As I have mentioned these cases are being reviewed internally, and we cannot automatically suspend a guest´s account without proper investigation. Please understand that everything has to undergo a certain process whereas the guest cannot be just put into jail without going into trial.”

I’m so sorry you had to experience what you did, and I thank you for your suggestions for what you have done since this experience. I think getting vehicle info is great, and a full name for each guest. Thank you for contributing, and sharing your horrific experience with us all!


What the actual ####?! This is not a trial, not being an airbnb guest is not jail. I’m beginning to believe that Airbnb richly deserves every negative story written about them.


@KKC - I am so tempted to go to the press! This is a small town, and sadly/not sadly, this is “big” news in this area. This is one of the things I messaged to precipitate that comment from Airbnb: “I also don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I wonder if the roles were reversed and I, as a host, committed a crime against a former guest, what action would be taken? I would imagine my listing would be instantly suspended. I’m sorry, but I am not feeling fully supported by Airbnb in this case.”


I think I would; I’d certainly suggest to Airbnb that was an option.


That is absolutely shocking. They will close down a host listing in the blink of an eye.

I am really surprised that they didn’t respond to you posting details on their social media.

Did you approach your local broadcast/print media in the end?

One positive to come out this - it is amazing you were able to warn the hosts he was returning to stay with, so they could cancel his booking.


Some potential guests might find that offensive. Would also not want to try to encourage guests to donate after signing-in to a charity. Many people have their own pet charities (mine is St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital) and if they donate directly to them can write the contribution directly off their taxes.


So why didn’t you call the FBI and tell them where they will be checking in?


This case is being handled by the local police department where my home is located/the crime took place. This is not a federal offence by any means; criminal trespass is a misdemeanor offence.


They are honoring his booking to my knowledge, as he’d previously booked, and stayed without issue, last week. They are an B&B and also book with Expedia, and other online booking sites (although his was through Airbnb). I warned them to be extra vigilant, especially with any female/single female guests. I also warned that he was decently behaved on his first stay with me, but it was his second stay where things began to go downhill. I pray, due to his recent arrest in this area, that he will be extra well behaved to avoid any further issues with the local PD.

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