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Found prior guest who checked out 8 days ago in my kitchen at 5 am today!


Thank you, @Helsi, and I did have a couple of glasses of wine last evening to unwind from the day! My last reply from Airbnb indicated they have put an “internal flag” on his account, but he has not been suspended at this time. I will keep pushing, as I do fear that he is very unstable, most certainly has alcohol issues, and could have a prior record under his original name for something more serious.

I have posted my experience publicly on Facebook here (avoiding his name, picture, personal info, and description, with the exception of his state of residence and that it’s a man). I’ve asked other hosts in my area to private message me for a picture and personal/vehicle description if they’d like, and have replied to approximately 20 inquiries since yesterday. He rented somewhere in the area from Wed-Fri, so want my neighboring hosts to be aware!


Wow. Can’t believe Airbnb hasn’t taken down his profile.

You may not want to do this as I am sure you are exhausted by his negative impact, but I would post on Airbnb’s social media to push them to take action.

I would say you have had an Airbnb guest that you have had to take an injunction out against because he broke into your house and stalked you at your workplace and are shocked that knowing this, Airbnb still hasn’t blocked him from booking with other hosts, putting them at risk.


If you have a Twitter account I’d post there too. This is absolutely unacceptable. I know of hosts who have been removed from the platform because background checks turned up stuff and yet they turn a blind eye to this?

Also adding security cameras that record 24/7 (motion activated) would be on my list of things to do.


My experience with a guest with 60 prior reviews was that they didn’t take his profile down. But he didn’t book afterwards, either. Again, he said she said. If his profile was deleted, Air might have to prove why. Ironically, if the guest had stolen, say, an umbrella, it’s actionable.

To add to our merry list of verifications, I look to previous hosts, including a steady stream of attractive single females.


@justMandi - so frustrating.

However I believe if you publicly name and shame them. Letting people know they are putting hosts safety at risk by not banning a guest who has had injunctions taken out against him for breaking into a hosts property and stalking her, they will have no choice but to the take the listing down.

The media would have a field day if they didn’t (ex journalist and current PR and comms person here)


@Tishiekate Write in the title of your listing that it is a gay friendly listing, it will prevent you from drunk straight guys


@Ivan_Joorevic This could be another whole topic, and I actually was thinking about it this morning. I use “open and welcoming home” in my listing summary below my title to encourage all orientations to book, and feel comfortable and accepted here. I just had the most wonderful female couple check out and picked their brains a bit on this. One works for a university, and they use the term “safe space” to identify a place where all a free from judgement or harm, and I think I’ll incorporate that into my listing. Do you use any specific type of terminology to convey a safe space in your listing?


This is a ridiculous statement. In my experience in gay bars drunk straight men are an annoyance regardless of how welcoming you are.

I have a few things in my listing that I think encourage all people to book. I also have things that communicate my values and if someone has different values that clash they can take that information into account before bookings.

One is I have this picture in my listing:

This fall I added under “other things to note” that “10% of the gross revenue from this listing goes to local charities. For 2018 I chose the Annunciation House, a local non-profit organization that services refugees and migrants.” That’s the last thing in my listing copy so I don’t know how much it gets read.

The pictured prayer flags inside and out are another signal.


@KKC - I absolutely love the idea of adding a picture to convey my love and acceptance of all people! People like looking at pics, and I believe those are viewed more than details are read. Thank you!


I PM’d you my listing if you’d like to take a look.


Got it! Thank you - you have a beautiful space, and love the dogs!! This is my daughter’s dream, and I can’t wait to show her, too!


What? To have an Airbnb room or to care for dogs?


The combo! We have actually looked at a property that is open concept (was a daycare) where she could have a small separate space where she had a room for her and her 4 dogs, and have the large open room as more of a bunk style Airbnb rental (the listing is in a HUGE rock climbing destination where ppl are looking for lower cost rentals to just sleep and shower). We scoped the land and mapped out where the kennels would be, and also where she could put runs in. We hope to look at again next week!


That sounds like an excellent plan. I’ve sent my Rover profile too and would be happy to share any knowledge I’ve gained.


hooray for your dog!


Everytime I see this image @KKC I think how powerful it is and what a strong, positive message it sends out to anyone viewing your listing.

Well done for donating to such a positive charity.

I do a similar thing with the homeless charity I support called Nightstop. I’ve mentioned before I am one of their hosts and provide free accommodation for young people experiencing homeless in my home. Increasingly this includes many from refugee communities; mainly from Syria and African countries.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if through Airbnb all hosts and management companies were offered the option to donate say 5 or 10% of their income (or whatever amount they choose. And this could be displayed on their listing so guests knew what charities they were supporting.

What do others think?

Is this something you would sign up for?


If Airbnb matched it!! (not happening I bet)


I think getting the management company/Airbnb involved would be something else for them to mess up. It would be nice if there was a verification provided (as it is, guests have to take my word for it unless they ask to see my donation receipt). I could also see problems. But if offered I would sign up as long as Air didn’t take a cut of it.

There’s another local host who claims that his Airbnb money goes toward supporting a local charity.

I just finished reading Exit West by Mohsin Hamid, partially set in London.


Ohh I will have a look. Thanks.

So I am thinking something along the lines, that through Airbnb you can sign up to support a local registered charity in your area.

You could then provide a profile on your listing about the charity and say why you are supporting them.

You can then set how much of your listing income 2, 5 or more per cent goes to the charity and the guest could also choose to donate.

What do other hosts and management companies think. Would you sign up for something like this?

With Airbnb’s reach I can imagine this raising millions. for chosen causes.


Not a fan of this kind of promotion. Selling charity like this would have no upside to me - nobody would book my place for the promise of a tiny charity donation. Plus, many of us are more than a little suspect of these worthy causes and what/if they really help…

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