Former housekeeper

I had a house keeper, who also used to co host for another past client. I did not use her services anymore as she would not be reliable to show up for a short turn over clean, when she commited to it causing me much stress in the past. The cleans ended being either good or not so great.
She used to co host for another past client, I talked with and this client mentioned she was a horrible cleaner and had drama.
Now I see this housekeeper on a local airbnb hosts fb group I am in. She is always commenting as not just a housekeeper but a co host and she is not one. It is quite strange, some people vent at times on the groups as hosts.
I find it odd as she responds to topics like a host and comes off sweet as pie.
I haven’t said anything yet but it seems awkward.
Do you think I should mention anything to the group admin?
Not a huge deal just found it amusing small tidbit of the day and a bit odd:)

What makes you think there aren’t members of this forum doing the same? :upside_down_face:


How do you know she is not co-hosting for others @Jen1?? maybe she has some new clients?

I would let it go. Maybe she is still co- hosting for another home.

Unless there is a specific falsehood related to you, I would suggest that you MYOB


Hm… i would say… is she looking to get hired as a cleaner or co-host on that fb group? If yes, well, perhaps you could PM whoever is hiring her and warn them. Otherwise it will just create drama on that group. usually if i were involved in that group, that drama would be enough to make be leave the group