Former guest (from 2 years ago) Sends nasty Airbnb email TODAY

Wow…received this morning. Looked up the guest, who had stayed in May of 2019, and she was one who got very angry at me when I kindly corrected her and her family from wandering through pastures that were clearly stated as off limits (insurance and livestock). She had left a nasty review also.
Ever received anything like this? I will be calling Airbnb but doubt they will do a thing. What protection do hosts have against harasssment like this? Of course I have NOT responded to this.


Probably just realised the effect your review had on her ability to book other places.
There was a process to report and block messages from previous guests.
If the option is still available, I would do that.


Well, the strange thing is I did NOT leave a bad review for her. SHE left the bad one for me.


Thank you, I processed the block and the report to Airbnb. Should I still call them ? Or leave it go. In today’s world, this kind of thing makes me a bit nervous.
As a super host for 4.5 years, I’ve worked hard to be responsive and thoughtful to all my guests. And 99% have returned the favor. I just have to wonder what someone like this is capable of considering after two years I am still on her mind??? Am not being paranoid, as I am a lifelong farm girl who doesn’t get overly concerned about much, but nothing would surprise me anymore.


I’d give AIrbnb a couple days and then call if no response. Do not engage in any conversation with her in the message thread or anywhere else. Attention will only keep her commenting.


She’d probably just had too much to drink. :wine_glass:



I would never respond to anything like this. I’ll wait a couple of days, then check on it. I only had extra concern because she is local, and of course, knows where we are.


Just a statement that says “You are a liar?” Yes, but not from an Airbnb guest.

What would you like them to do?

You’ve reported her, now I’d ignore. You should have her first and last name and phone number in your records from when she stayed with you so if she does anything really alarming you can take additional steps. But I wouldn’t assume that she is going to do anything more.

She has some serious problems but I don’t think she’ll cause any for you.

I wanted them to block her and note her behavior, as they said they could prohibit a guest from booking if it was warranted and/or ban them.
That was before you all sent me the link to proceed with the blocking process and report. I did that. That will do for me. Just so I was able let them know she can be a problem. I hope there is a way to warn other guests too, but that’s Airbnb’s problem.
And I agree, I ‘doubt’ she would do anything more, but again, you cannot be sure, but just prepared…many people have been victimized seriously by someone that no one thought would take things further. Sigh…one bad apple…


But you also know who she is. Finding a local address for someone isn’t difficult.

Let me make sure I’m reading this right, she just said “you’re a liar?” That’s the whole message?

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Yes. After two years. No other explanation. Out of nowhere. This morning. I had to look her up to remember who/what had happened. After that, her rankor meant more as I remembered how unpleasant and vindictive she was after I reminded her of the boundries.
And it really doesn’t matter if I know where SHE is (and she could have moved in 2 years) as if she wanted to actually DO something, (which I still doubt) she would have the advantage of knowing she was going to do it before I did, lol! "after the fact’ doesn’t help if someone does harm or damage that is irreparable. No biggie. Just expressing some surprise and concern over getting such a creepy message from someone who stayed 2 years ago. Had it happened right after her stay, it would not have had the same impact. I am uncomfortable knowing that someone is still thinking negatively about us after 2 years.

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I know that. However, I am not concerned about anyone else causing a problem because I haven’t had any conflicts or negative interactions with anyone else.

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That would weird me out also. I sorry that happened. Hopefully the communication block will be the end of it. I saw her review for you, not totally positive but not the worst I’ve seen. I could not see her 1 review (assume it’s from you)…what’d you write, if you feel comfortable sharing?

You can see it if you click on her profile.

I consider what you wrote for her to be a bad review. Why don’t you consider it bad? Stated 2 out of 5 stars as well.


Sure. I had asked about how to respond to this unpleasant stay and was told by good advice to be HONEST for other hosts. And I stayed on point, only focusing on the facts. They had left the place a mess, and were subtly belligerent (facial expressions when kindly confronted re: insurance rules).
I would certainly understand her ‘you’re a liar’ response AT the time I reviewed her. What is creeping me out it, why now? Perhaps she tried to book elsewhere?
Actually I had forgotten what I had written until I looked it up, although I knew I had not given them a good review.

Here it is: "Shannon and family were not a good fit for my cabin and I wouldn’t recommend them to hosts with rentals similar to mine. In 2 nights they generated 4 bags of garbage plus additional refuse left outside and on the floor inside. None of it was placed in the proper receptacle as requested. The poorly washed dishes were not put away and copious amounts of garbage inside attract insects. They also violated rules about unaccompanied visits to the livestock barn and ignored other instructions . 2 of 5 stars in all categories. "

Wonder if she’s trying to book an Air now and because of your honest review no one will take her. Maybe that’s the 2 year lapse.


It makes sense given the pandemic that she didn’t use Airbnb and maybe didn’t even bother to read her review until now.


Don’t respond to her. She’s trying to engage you in an argument. Just report her to Airbnb and block her. If you give keys to your guests, I would change the locks, just in case. Here in Jersey folks can easily make copies of keys at a machine in Walmart.

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It is an honest review from you - you did the right thing. And a bad review for her, which she earned. I wouldn’t give it another thought.

@KKC - so odd; nothing happened when I clicked her profile pic, will try again; expected it to take me to her profile. Also, I hate to sound ignorant, but based on comments it seems y’all can see each other’s listings but how? I found this one by searching the listing name in the screenshot provided.