Florida - need some advice

I will admit that Florida is not my most favorite state. Though I have only made one long visit [and turned down the resulting job offer, what is with the size of the bugs?], I didn’t find much to love about it. My husband spent lots of time in Florida as a child, back in the 50’s when there were orange juice stands and those mid-century moder motels with a pool in the middle. But, he doesn’t care for the modern version.

But, guess where we are headed? The Atlantic coast of Floria just north of West Palm. Some good friends have bought a condo and it is time for us to visit. The dates that I blocked off our AirBNB, my friend’s schedule, and my husbands cataract surgery limit the number of days that we can stay at their condo. Seems like a lot of travel for only 3 nights.

If we were to spend two or three more nights in Florida, in the general West Palm to Miami strip where should we go? We don’t do beaches. We don’t shop. I don’t do theme parks. He can’t stomach being on a boat. We like really good food. I love old things either historic homes that are museums, or museums with old stuff. We love things with history. I view a vacation as a time to explore and find things that interest me; not a time to hang by a pool.

I need inspiration… please.

p.s. I should mention that Miami is the most interesting to me. Maybe a better question is, is there two days worth of cool stuff to experience in the West Palm - Ft. Lauderdale area? And if so, what?

You need to come to Fort Lauderdale! There’s such a lot of history here (the Stranahan House is brilliant) and Las Olas Boulevard is the best area for dining - fine dining, great bakeries, sidewalk cafes, quirky ethnics and a diner that dates from the 1930s.

And, there are still plenty of Mid Century Modern motels with the pool in the middle. :slight_smile:

Hi @smtucker

I don’t know the area well, but I use Lonely Planet https://www.lonelyplanet.com/usa/florida/west-palm-beach

And a Riverwalk! Why isn’t this stuff on TripAdvisor or Fodor’s? You have sold me. What part of town would you recommend? Or does it not matter a ton? I always prefer to walk, but I think we will have a car.

I will research great coffee spots and find someplace near one! Unless you are a coffee lover and can help a girl out.

Of course I can help you out :slight_smile:

And it goes without saying that I recommend our rental! But if you don’t fancy staying with a host (and some hosts don’t like staying in Airbnbs) I can recommend a place a few hundred yards from us - yes, a MCM two storey hotel with a pool.

Our particular area is the best. It’s about a mile and a bit to the beach, it’s about a 20 - 30 minute walk (or 5 minute drive) to Ls Olas Boulevard (with great coffee shops) so it’s right where you want to be but the street is quiet and safe. Oh and our rental and the hotel I mentioned are both on the canal with water views. You can sit outside drinking coffee and watching the boats go by :slight_smile:

Just a few of the coffee shops on Las Olas Boulevard :slight_smile:

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So very helpful! Thank you Thank you Thank you! Off to do some research while our Potatoes Dauphinoise are in the oven.

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Jacquo is the best guide to the East Coast of Florida!


And she has been wildly helpful already!

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I’ve only been to the space coast… Jacksonville Beach, cocoa beach, and St Augustine. St. Augustine has a ton of interesting history and that incredible lighthouse. I am going to PM you about something you asked about here.

I would love to go to St. Augustine and the Keys, but that isn’t where our friends bought a condo. This trip is all about friends, the best reason to travel.

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I have a trip! Flight is booked. Staying at a modest AirBNB. First time as a guest… boy the software sucks even more from that side! I have way more sympathy for guests who can’t “find” stuff.


They deliver croissants to the your apartment? Mr. SMT just swooned!

We will be soooo interested to hear of your experiences as a guests, I have yet to do it and may never.

Yep, croissants, coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice - anything from their menu. My Sunday treat every week in one of their chocolate croissants - just one but I’m sure I could eat ten of them!


Can you detail from the guest side why it’s a challenge to book?

I don’t know how to describe it. The email arrived, and I saw a pre-approved notification [though it is an Instant Book property] and a big bright red Book It button. But, I could NOT find that message on my phone. And then, I was unable to find it in my browser. I went back to the listing from my wish list and there was a blue banner stating that I had been in touch with them with the date. The Instant Book option was available so I used it. Turns out that there are two data silos– the you are a traveler silo and the you are a host silo. On the phone you have to switch to being a traveler. In the browser, you have to change from your regular inbox to the traveling tab, which hadn’t ever existed before. Somehow it was not as intuitive as I would have expected. I didn’t expect to have any difficulties finding her message back to me on the phone or in the browser.

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It’s a lovely drive down to key west. I love key west - all the old villas and key lime pie… yum.


And oh, that seven mile bridge. A wonderful drive. Key West has a wonderful vibe - it a bit like being in the Bahamas rather than on mainland USA.