Finally, the guests from heaven!

After a year of operation, I’ve had a lot of nice guests, friendly guests, clean guests, courteous guests… but this last week I finally had the perfect guests! An Aussie couple that love the room, love the neighborhood, love the town, and are having a great time seeing and doing what Alaska has to offer. And they are the kindest guests I’ve had, even making beds for me when I threw my back out last week and had 2 rooms to turn around.

I’ve been waiting a year for guests like this. Of course they got a glowing review for their first stay, came back for 2 more days, and because they wanted one more night when they return again and I have a minimum 2 day booking I’ve just blocked their return date and they’ll have one more night for cash so I don’t have to mess around with modifying the listing so they can book one night.

Why can’t all guests be like these folks?


I am that kind of guest, and have taught my son to be the same way. Friendliness and respect make it better for everyone. We have made some great connections and had some fabulous experiences as a result.

where are you located? I want to make sure I’ll stay with you when I visit Alaska. I will be a guest from heaven too (actually from PA).

If I ever get a guest from heaven, he/she will surely smite me.


Gary Larson’s classic “God at His Computer” cartoon?

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There are some responses that dare me to google.



I was thinking of “Bruce Almighty”

[Edit: removed “Smite me, O’ mighty smiter!” video link because of complaints that it auto-plays.]

But, yeah, the [Smite] key on the keyboard is probably much more appropriate.


I’m in Juneau.


Thank you so much, I saved it. I want to visit Juneau to see the northern lights. I am not sure when this will be, most likely next year. I don’t even know when they are visible. I have to learn more.

I hope that you will visit Our Fair Capital City but if you want to see auroras your best chance is Fairbanks, which is further north, with more clear nights. We have a lot of cloudy nights in Juneau in the winter.

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Just typical Aussies…

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