Female guests caught neighbour spying them through his window!

I just had a situation this afternoon where my 4 female guests caught a neighbour looking at them through the window from his property while they were changing clothes in the bedroom. They felt very uncomfortable as apparently he was making whistling sounds to them!! I’ve owned this property for 2 years now and never had any issues with neighbours, I was shocked to be honest by the behaviour of this individual. I sent them a professional message saying I am very sorry and thanking them for letting me know about the situation. I also told them politely to close the shutters while they are changing clothes as the apartment is in a very narrow street and the bedroom faces other houses. What would you do in such a situation?

Call the cops!!! That is criminal behavior by your neighbor and totally unacceptable!


Of course it’s unacceptable but I would have thought it would be common sense to close the blinds/shutters when getting changed in a room which it is obvious is overlooked.


It was really rude of your neighbour to make whistling sounds. Geez!!


You mean to tell me that all 4 girls were changing clothes in front of open windows while a neighbor could witness this all from his own property? Are you sure it was the neighbor whistling and not his own guests he may have had over for dinner or something?

Unless he was peering through windows, then those girls are dumb. One out of the four should have noticed people could see in. Could it have been a warning to whistle so the girls knew that others could see them too? Maybe he did them a favor by giving them a heads up?


I would call the police. Your neighbor committed a crime.

What I sure as hell would not do is blame the victim. “I also told them politely to close the shutters while they are changing clothes as the apartment is in a very narrow street and the bedroom faces other houses.”


She wasn’t blaming the victim. She was letting them know to close the blinds. You would call the police when a neighbor is looking out his window and observing the view?

I honestly think he was signaling to them that others may secretly record them on their cell phones, etc. True perverts would not signal that they can see them because they want them to continue the behavior. A true pervert would be sitting silently waiting around for the 2 a.m. show.


Actually, if a neighbor was staring and whistling at my guests (paying or not) who were changing; I would walk over and rip him a new a**hole.

Again, victim blaming. A person who records others who are changing on their cell phones is the one who is in the wrong, not the people who are changing. I’ve unfortunately had experience with true perverts. Some believe that their behavior is acceptable so they don’t sneak.

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@cabinhost …oh no, another cliff-hanger. I give up cabin…what happens at 2 a.m.?


Please don’t put words in my mouth. I was not victim blaming. And you know if you have read my previous history that I have had family members who are child molesters and perverts, etc. And that’s why I feel strongly about certain scenarios. I’ve been very outspoken about it. But this guy was whistling to get their attention.


How does the fact that the man whistled mean to you that he’s not a true pervert?

Ahhh…please forgive my earlier post since now you are picking it apart. What I meant is that someone who was obsessed with video camming the girls and continuing to videocam them - he likely would have sat silent and not brought to their attention he was a sicko.

Hence the reason peeping Toms aren’t likely to knock on your window and begin to applaud. They hide in the bushes or is that just fairly tales? And the reason a child molester sneaks around and will wait till the middle of the night to sneak into his daughter’s room after everyone is sleeping. I am only guessing without knowing the country or background of the OP.


Wait… did the guy trespass or was he peeping with full views from his own house?

If he walked over and trespassed and peeped, you should call the cops. If he was looking from his own window, I am not sure he broke the law.


How on earth can you possibly assert this? How utterly ridiculous. You weren’t there so you don’t know. You can only speculate.


20 20 20 20. What are you trying to prove??

I’m pointing out that your initial assertion is worthless. As a moderator and frequent poster, I think you should know better frankly.

Hmmm…Maybe I should know better about my posts that you have an issue with???

Hmm…I wiill reconsider and think about that, Not in this year though! You are kidding me!! :joy::joy:

@travellinbug : “What would you do in such a situation?”

Since there are a couple of hypotheticals being thrown around, I would probably first ask the girls to describe the guy and whether he was making wolf whistles or whistling as if to let them know they could be seen.

Depending on their answers and whether you know this neighbor guy, I would consider talking with him to find out what was with the whistles and your house guests were close to reporting him (even if they weren’t). It’s quite plausible that he was just alerting them they could be seen.

Ok, whatever. Laugh away. But you are out of line, in my opinion.

The fact that you “have had family members who are child molesters and perverts” does NOT make you an expert. This thread has nothing to do with the sexual abuse of children. I respectfully ask you not to throw your weight around on issues that are highly complex and sensitive and are best addressed by respect and diplomacy.

No one said it made me an expert. You said I said that. Please stop with trying to throw words in peoples" mouths.

Really? Again, trying to throw words in someone’s mouth because you don’t have an actual argument of your own. No one was throwing their weight around except you said they were.

Keep twisting words…