Feeling cheap: anyone had stars/famous people stay?

feeling a bit cheap with my question - anyone had famous people stay?..one flat i have i had a certain miss mccartney, …in this one i had PUSSY RIOT family - not sure if you know them…

maybe i’m watching too much day time tv…)…oh well back to serious life.


Not personally, but from the news.

No way I’m going to have currently famous people stay at my Airbnb. But I do wonder if some will be famous in the future.

Would anyone want to host Chesky? :joy: I saw on his webinar that he stayed at some treehouses and such. Sure would be weird to host Chesky.


The real question is would Chesky want to stay with any of us? He’d have a few questions to answer!


I’d be afraid of a bad review! :rofl::rofl::weary:


I had a movie star guest but I’m not saying who. Actually he was famous a few years ago (well, the last century) but nevertheless, I was goofily star struck…


I’ve had a few guests with a first name and no last name. I find this more irritating than no picture. With no last name and my lack of upkeep with who is a star I wouldn’t know if they were famous or not. And famous is relative.

@anon67190644 might know if YoYo Ma was staying with her and someone else would wonder what kind of dumb name is that? A play on Yo Mama? And I could have Jason Witten stay with me and be all excited and she wouldn’t know who he was.

As one of my students said back in the 90’s when I told the class I met George Will on a Georgetown sidewalk, “If he’s so famous, how come I never heard of him?”

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When I was 15, I was Yo Yo Ma’s violist in a string quartet. Maybe he was in his early 20s at this point? Years later, our daughters were roommates at summer camp. Since he lives right down the street, I suspect he wouldn’t stay with me.

I have no idea who Jason Whitten is, but George Will… I know and wish he used his intellect for good. I do enjoy his baseball columns tough.

As a musician, I have worked with many famous people; most of whom I didn’t know of before working with them. My interest in pop culture is close to nil.


He is an anti Trumper at the moment though.

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Very exciting. I couldn’t pick him out of a line up of course but I’d know his name and a tiny few very high profile classical musicians names. You may have seen or heard of a “viral” video of Joshua Bell in the DC subway and people ignoring him as they hurry to work. I’d like to think I’d realize the quality of the playing and stop but I wouldn’t know who he was either.

Witten plays football for the Dallas Cowboys.

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Yes, I have seen the Bell videos. I have played with him a number of times. He is a sensitive and sublime musician, who treats those who play in the orchestra with the utmost respect. I like him. I like his playing.

When I lived in Dallas I knew the players, for the most part. The trombone sections made sure of that!


i had a ‘Sir’ stay at my house, i google stalked him and hes like the 50th richest person in the world, owns property companies in london and distilleries in europe.

he was very nice not even snobby.

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are you talking Stella McCartney? i love her fashion design, i would have freaked out and tried to get free clothes :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

That’s okay. When you said you host near where Dirty Dancing was filmed I had no idea what you were talking about either.

J/K. What kind of famous people would you recognize the names of? I could see famous people renting your place.


We had a star of Dirty Dancing on tour stay here. And a former American Idol contestant. Nothing super famous.


We had an Olympic silver medalist stay. She competed in a niche sport and it was a long time ago now. She never mentioned it though.

She was, completely unrelated to this, quite entitled and the only guest we’d review negatively.

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I had a former Atlanta Hawks cheerleader who was moving to LA to pursue a career in media stay here. I had another guy who was going to try to make it as a stand up comedian and I’ve seen some of his routines on YouTube. Multiple “filmmakers” have stayed. And none of the possibly famous in the future or people driving expensive cars (as an indication of a certain wealth) have acted entitled. The only folks who have done that seemed to be quite ordinary: retired I don’t know what, traveling nurse, etc.

About 5 yrs. ago, I had a Hollywood screenwriter stay for several nights. He had 14 Emmy nominations and had won 5 Emmys by then. (I’d never heard of him.) He was very low key and polite in his communications.

They left a $20 tip for the housecleaner.


In the movie though, don’t they try to pass it off as the Catskills or Adirondaks? I love that movie. Swayze was dreamy. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I remember this nightmare!!!