Feedback please for recent guest. What review would you give?

Update. There has been some confusion over our setup. We realize that we provided some info but left out other pieces or spread them out and they have been overlooked. So, we decided to update the post. We thank everyone who shared constructive advice in a positive manner.

Our bathroom is small, cute and “euro style” and rather stylish. Our many guests have remarked that they love it. The bathroom sink is a wall mount model for handwashing. Just above the sink is a large and wide awning window; it swings outward from the bottom. We agree that it would be ideal but it is not practical to hang or mount a mirror in this location.

We have a lovely area just outside the bathroom with a large mirror, makeup mirror, outlet and hair dryer. One person can get ready while another is in the shower. This was missed by several people and we regret the confusion it created.

The recent issue with the gentleman who shaved over the toilet was a signal that we needed to do better and provide more. We ordered a fogless shatterproof mirror for the shower. It swivels and has a suction mount, so it can accommodate guests of different heights and may be easily relocated, if a guest wishes.

With some reflection, and also thanks to our discussions here, we feel that the guest should get a positive review and our place will now be further enhanced.

Thank you.

FFS, it’s part of the job. Clean the shit up and move on…




I would give them a 4 on cleanliness and 5 and all other categories. I think it’s a good idea to get a mirror for your bathroom. I don’t think I have ever seen a mirrorless bathroom. I wouldn’t mention the tiny pieces of facial hair in the review because potential guests might see it as picky.


Being female, I have no idea. In fact, I don’t know where blokes usually shave but hairs going down the toilet, or the sink, sounds like a bad idea to me.

But this is a tricky one. If you’ve been hosting for years and never had a problem before, I’d say that you are remarkably lucky. Also, if the bathroom normall;y takes 10 minutes to clean, you’ve either had some astonishingly good guests or you’re not cleaning it fully (so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you’ve had amazingly clean guests previously :slight_smile: )

So I can’t help with the etiquette of where to shave and whether shaving over the loo is normal, but I’d say that if you’ve been hosting for years and this was the first time you’ve had to spend more than 10 minutes on the bathroom, then take the rough with the smooth - you were bound to get a less-than-perfect guest eventually.

If the guests were fine in every other way (the key thing was probably accidental) then I wouldn’t mention the hair thing. Unless one of the male members here tells me that shaving over the loo is totally weird.

Don’t be vague and say ‘the bathroom took longer to clean than normal’ or other hosts will imagine all sorts of unpleasantness. Hair is usually pretty easy to remove with a handheld, lint rollers, masking tape and damp cloths though.

I would have thought that all bathrooms should have at least one mirror and all rentals a shaving/makeup mirror.


That is the problem. 10 min is not a long time to spend cleaning the bathroom. In fact, it seems like not long enough to me. But it has definitely skewed your expectations.

If you had a mirror over the bathroom sink, the man would’ve shaved over the sink. I’m not sure if that’s acceptable to you or not, but I am surprised that this hasn’t happened before since you don’t have a mirror in the bathroom.

It isn’t right to micro-manage your guests’ grooming. A bathroom is the most appropriate place in the whole world for a man to shave. You gotta get over it. It is bizarre that you want to give a bad review for shaving in the bathroom.

I know that some men shave in the shower but none of the ones I’ve lived with. In my experience, most men shave at the bathroom sink, in front of the mirror.

You might as well say, “would not host again” since I really doubt these guests want to stay with you again anyway. You didn’t even meet their basic need for grooming.

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We have an area next to the bathroom with a mirror, makeup mirror, outlet and hair dryer. One guest can get ready while another is in the shower. Sorry for not mentioning it before.

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A bathroom with no mirror? Never heard of that, unless what you mean is that it’s just a separate little room that only contains a toilet.

The way to remove something like those whiskers is not to go at it with anything wet or damp- you need to use a vacuum cleaner first, while it’s dry. This would suck up all the little pieces in the nooks and crannies, the hinges, around the base of the toilet, etc. When I clean, the first order of business is vacuuming everything from the ceiling down. Once that’s done, the wet cleaning takes place and there aren’t any hairs or dust or other detritus to get stuck to a wet cloth, or a mop and get moved around. Then I’ll finish off by vacuuming my way out the door, to pick up any little bits of anything that’s fallen during the cleaning.

And no, not something I would mention in a review at all.


Does it have a sink too? It sounds like you don’t have a place for men to shave their faces. Is there space to put a mirror near the bathrooom sink? A shave mirror in the shower is a great idea and good amenity, but you still need to provide a place for shaving without requiring a shower to do it.

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Let the whole area get dry. Completely dry. Then use the crevice tool of a vacuum cleaner. Go over everything two or three times, opening and closing the toilet lid, seat, and even the tank lid. Vacuum from top to bottom, including the floor.


Umm, naughty step moment coming on here :rofl:



Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Yes there is a small handwash sink in the bathroom, but no good place for a mirror. We should have mentioned that.

This incident made us realize that a shaving mirror in the shower is a good addition, and we hope this will prevent this in the future. The bathroom is small but nice, and really does not take long to clean.

We are ok that “he shaved in the bathroom”. But he did it over the toilet, and there is no mirror there, and made a great big mess. We had another guest arriving soon after, and could not have them finding hairs during their stay.

How very helpful. Thank you for weighing-in.

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This one from Amazon hangs on a supplied hook and is under $13 :slight_smile:

Maybe he sat backwards on the toilet (with the lid down) and placed a hand mirror on the back of the toilet so that he had a proper set-up for which to shave. Apparently, there are people who use the back of the toilet like a table, for laptops. I wasn’t aware of this until I started digging around on google, but it makes complete sense. I have done similar, in a pinch, with a mirror to apply makeup. The guy needed a spot to shave and he didn’t have one. At least he kept in the bathroom and didn’t do it at the desk or something. I asked my husband about it. He shaves his face and his whole head everyday. He is simple and relaxed and needs next to nothing (no towels? no problem) but he admitted that sitting backwards on the toilet with my makeup mirror would be the best solution in your listing.

I understand that it may be difficult to not be defensive, but you asked. You should not include the shaving in the review or the rating. It is really your fault for not providing a sink with a mirror so that men have a place to shave their faces. You should be a bit embarassed, not indignant. It is expected in all accommodations, right after a bed, a toilet and a shower, there should be a sink with a mirror for shaving. If you can’t put even a tiny mirror (a tiny mirror is better than nothing, I have seen my husband shave in the reflection of a towel bar before) above or near your bathroom sink, then you should put one by the kitchen sink (if your listing has a kitchen).

I would not be upset with this guest. I would grateful that he taught me something that I needed to know, which is that there is no place for men to shave.

One other question. How many cleaning supplies and what type of vacuum do you leave your guests for their use?

For amusement purposes only, lol:


Bathroom sink with no mirror??? Unheard of!! Do not mention a thing about the hair in your review!!! The fault is yours!

Mirror in the shower is a glass-breaking accident waiting to happen. You think you had trouble cleaning up hair? Try cleaning up wet glass on a wet floor without getting sliced to ribbons!

The mirror belongs over the vanity sink where all upper body ablutions take place!


Thank you! In retrospect, your approach would have been better and saved us both time and anxiety.

Thank you. We ordered a fogless mirror that swivels so it will be useful and intuitive. I think we will look at this as a lesson learned. This guest had different expectations and our job is figuring out how to take care of them.

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I’ve been doing this for hundreds of years (well, it feels like it) but every guest is a lesson. Which is good for us.

Thank you. We agree and have talked it over, and appreciate those who provided helpful or constructive responses. You are correct that it was easy to first think, “what the heck”, but now we will have something better for our guests.

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It is always such a pleasure to be mansplained. As we mentioned, there is not a good spot for one above the bathroom sink. Somehow, we managed to order a shatterproof model, without your assistance. Thank you for being you.

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