Favorite Sheets

What sheets do you think are the best value? How often do you replace your sheets? I want to make things a little sharper in the two bed room house I rent out. Something that seems crisp and clean maybe hotel quality?

Always 100 % cotton and 1000 thread count and the very best I can afford. I am in a tropical area and artificial fibre is revolting on a hot night. NEVER MICROFIBRE,

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No microfiber. 400-650TC 100% cotton. I like Costco’s Kirkland brand, JC Penney’s Royal Velvet and Target’s Threshold. If I find what looks like a good set at a good price at a place like Marshall’s I’ll buy others. I’m in the US.

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@Trinity_Selena_Parke in May there was a very active discussion re Microfiber vs. Cotton - you might want to check it out.

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Guests prefer 100% cotton but they come out of the dryer so wrinkled. I suggest having three sets of sheets for each bed.

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Like others here I’ve had very good luck taking them out before the are over-dried and putting them on the bed. If the wrinkles look bad I’ll mist with water and smooth with my hand, pulling tightly on the edges. It makes a lot of difference.


We use pastel colored cotton-poly blend sheets that color-coordinate with our tropical-themed listing. We’re NOT a hotel and don’t want any impression that we are – we offer a detached homestay in South Florida, not a Ritz Carleton on Miami Beach.

I am extremely fussy about bed linen and there are several threads on here if you search. There is one however that, for me, stands out. I think is from ‘Anon’ 9 Oct '16 and it is a must read, I thought I knew something about quality bed linen until I read this! I buy the very best egyptian cotton bed linen (high thread count, but there is more to it than just thread counts) I can afford in the sales and people always tell me (including family and friends who stay with me) that my beds and bedding provide a great nights sleep.

That one would be difficult to find without more information. There was a host here, quite picky about linens, and I think she changed to anon something with numbers and left the forum. Was she she one with the antique french linen?

But there is more than one anon on the forum.

A cotton / poly blend is a good compromise if you hate wrinkles. Alternatively cotton with a hand steamer works well for parts of the sheets exposed. Most guests will not notice if 80% of the sheets are wrinkled.

All cotton, all white. I use Target Threshold for the rental. Personally I have just started using linen sheets and am in LOVE with them. Can’t say I’ll use anything else ever again…sleeps so much cooler than even cotton. Always heard they look too “wrinkled” but not a problem. They are a bit expensive for a rental so I won’t use them there because I think you should expect you’ll have to throw out a set sometime as “wear and tear.”

Ideally, you should invest in 100% Egyptian cotton. Though, this is the most expensive option. Let your nightly rate guide you too.

Hi !
My niece is in France right now and she told me about a bedlinen brand. It’s called La Chambre Paris. She love it. It’s sustanaible brand and was also found by anglo-saxon people if I’m correct.