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Cotton vs microfiber bed sheets


Hi all,
I am in process to set up a room for air bnb ! have bed on the way. Any suggestions when I buy bed sheets? cotton VS microfiber? want to know how many sets should I buy? which one will give more bang for my money?


Buy at least two sets of linens and towels, three is better. Personally I hate both microfiber and all cotton sheets.


Some of it depends on what kind of listing and how you run it. You need at least two sets. If you don’t do back to back bookings and allow yourself plenty of time to do all your laundry you can get away with just two for now. For my private room with a double bed I have 5 sets at this time. I personally can’t stand microfiber in warm weather. I’ve tried several different sets on my own bed in hot El Paso texas. I had to use them on the dog beds because they are so uncomfortable to me.


Thanks I was thinking same about microfiber. It seems like they would look good though.


Okay Ken. So what types of sheets do you use for your listings ?


They look good, they dry quickly, no ironing, inexpensive. But if your guest is uncomfortable, they may not even realize why, don’t be surprised if you get fours on your reviews.

I have cotton sheets and if they look too wrinkled when I put them on the bed then I iron them right there on the bed with the iron that’s in the guest room. Also there are several other threads that discuss sheets you should use the search function on this site to find them.


I am a 100% cotton household. Anything else makes my skin itch and I get too hot.


Cotton is easiest to get clean and stay clean. Microfiber feels really thin and since most have polyester you can’t wash in hot water to sanitize. I go 100% cotton now.


We use colored cotton-poly mix sheets – light blue and blue gray sets, which blend well with our ocean-themed poolside cabana. Nothing special, really, we got them at a Florida chain store called Beall’s, which has all sorts of bedding, clothing, housewares, etc.

We make no attempt to imitate a high end hotel or luxury resort, we’re a laid-back “Keysian” sort of place.

Check out the photos of our listing:


Body odor, colognes, etc. are very hard to get out of microfiber sheets. I have since switched back to 100% cotton which launder up nicely first time, every time.


100% cotton. No questions. Can’t stand the microfiber sheets. Who invented them?:grinning:


100% cotton sheets with as high a thread count as you can afford. There is no poly or “microfiber” in good hotels. That should say something.

White is always a fresh, clean choice, too, because it can be bleached when necessary.


Hairs seem to get entrenched in microfibre sheets. Not a good look!


White sheets and white towels actually makes laundry easier. Sounds counter-intuitive, but not having to sort colors and run multiple loads of laundry by color gets laundry done faster.


Sort by color? Everything, including the comforter, goes in the washer

My partner Sally, who is “all about the bed”, says to buy the best sheets you can afford.

More importantly, she says, don’t skimp on the bed itself. The fanciest sheets in the world are worthless if your guests don’t get a fabulous night’s sleep. We bought a firm Sealy Queen mattress, then added a 2" foam “topper”, and guests rave about the great night’s sleep they get here.


Definitely cotton and definitely all white for us, That includes everything even bedspreads and tea towels. White assures guests that everything is spotlessly clean.


@kenh going linen? silk?? dont leave us hanging here! i’d do linen, but I bet my guests would just find them scratchy.


Nope! See my post above – cotton-poly in (gasp!) colors that match our decor.


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And I deleted the poster. The automatic spam alerts went off. You know it’s bad when that happens!

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