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Far too often guests do not


Never insulted. We look to the room full of hosts here as the wizards of Airbnb. We absolutely value the advice presented.

“…arrivals must be between xx and sundown, seasonally adjusted.” THIS is exactly what we state in rules and all other communication. Our Check In is from 2pm til sunset (no later than 7pm). We require guests to arrive during daylight hours to get settled in and oriented (No later than 7PM MST. Winter months the sun sets much earlier. We are on Arizona time, mountain standard time - MST. We DO NOT observe Daylight Savings). To avoid any time zone confusion please refer to the World Clock - Page, AZ.

We have taken note that this year our stays have increased to multiple nights but, guests are still attempting very aggressive schedules - trying to get the Instagram selfie at every spot. Horseshoe Bend, a very popular iconic spot on the Colorado River is less than 5 minutes from our ranch. They all desire to see sunset from this. Our ranch is comprised of the mesa above it. The views from our ridge are far superior. In fact, I’d suggest they are as dramatic as the Grand Canyon. But, it simply does not matter. They must be with the throng. It’s just a small percentage that does not communicate. However, it is an irritant.


That and Antelope Canyon are on my must do soon before I get old list. I hope you’ll still be running your airbnb by the time I can make it over there.


Antelope Canyon is 15 minutes from the ranch. We’d love to have you. We’ll be here. We are growing. Wisely.


I call on the phone each guest. If I get a bad feeling, I cancel the booking. If I have no contact to my emails and text messages I cancel. I will not rent my house out to people that are not respectful as they will always leave a mess and do the wrong thing. My house, my business and my choice not to have people that will not communicate with me.


How many guests have you cancelled because of this @Catherine?


@Catherine - what are the things that give you a bad feeling?


Large groups of young people as we have a max of 10 people and a strict no party policy. So a profile pic showing young people partying is a def no.
Secondly, I email straight back and ask if they have read the house rules and ask if they agree. If they do not respond I send it again letti g them know that they need to agree to the rules or I willbe forced to cancel. If they don’t respond, I do exactly that.
If they do respond, I give them my phone number and ask for theirs. I then call them and introduce myself and ask why they are coming to my area. In that conversation I let them know due to my insurance policy, no more than 10 people can be at the property at any one time and I casually mention that my elderly neighbors will call us if their is any undue noise or a hint of a party in progress. I have had some guests call a day later and say that they need to cancel, but thats ok. We do very well with our business and do not need the hassle of parties and slobs who won’t respect our property. I had for example one guy who told me that he and his mates were coming fishing…I didn’t listen to my gut instinct and they had a bucks party. Drugs, naked women, mess etc. Last time I did not listen to my gut feeling.


Only two groups so far. I have changed the wording on my listing and do not attract them so much any more. I thought it would affect my bookings, but we now attract families and a better class of guests.


May work for you, but people canceling may not be doing so because they plan to party, but put off by your somewhat aggressive background check.

I would be a little hesitant to stay with this procedure.


Brandt it certainly does work for us. We have a 5 star rating and are booked solid even though we are at least $200 per night more than other houses around us. I admit I was a little concerned when I changed the wording, but what it has done is now we have a much better class of guests and more families. I would rather not have the house booked than come home after an alcohol, drug fueled bucks party with guests having sex in my back yard with naked prostitutes. I have worked in sales management all of my life so when I speak to people etc I do it very nicely. Every review mentions my high level of communication. And people have not actually cancelled, its more the initial enquiry that they dont respond to. So I was incorrect in saying that they were actual cancellations. Hey, want to have a party, then don’t book our home. Plenty more places out their who will let you.


I wouldn’t mind giving discounts automatically to the top 20% percent of highest rated guests.


I’m just sitting here waiting now for guests from who said they would be here between 3-4pm its now 7.15 pm and they haven’t replied to my text . I stated in their booking if any of their plans change re: arrival time please let me know . This is the real down side to Airbnb in my opinion. Had guests at Easter who didn’t reply to any of my texts . Check-in time is 2pm they turned up at 10am on Good Friday I was still in my dressing gown I mean for goodness sake how rude. When they came back at correct checkin time the wife informed she couldn’t be bothered to let us know a check-in time. I just didn’t have an answer . Other than that they were ok guests but I’m seriously thinking about giving up on instant book.



In my experience, people who don’t respond to ETA inquiries usually fall into one of these four categories:

  1. Email registered with Airbnb is not their primary email. They just don’t check the inbox frequently (and they have other things on their mind).
  2. They have their primary email registered but they have booked so many Airbnbs in advance to they have simply overlooked your message, coming from Airbnb domain. That happens too.
  3. Phone registered with Airbnb is a fixed phone or a registered cell phone is not the phone they are traveling with.
  4. They are just careless. I can’t say how many, but I guess 5% of the guests who don’t respond would fall into that category.

Here’s what works for me.

I found out that people became immune to emails and some of them are simply overloaded.

I also found, that they still react to TEXT messages (almost always). Yes, good old fashioned text messages (or SMS as they call it in Europe).

To send out text messages I use a web service TextMagic.com. I can send domestic or international text messages for a fraction of the cost. I can do so from my desktop computer or using my cell phone app.

It works like a charm and it costs me around 4-8 USD per month for all of my text messages. That’s nothing compared to what I would have to endure not knowing the ETA of guests (or if they received my instructions).

Not that this helps (but it may help other hosts)…if guests don’t communicate with me and I need to “chase” them with such text messages, I rate them lower in the ‘communication’ category when it’s time to review them.

Lastly, this is one of the reasons I’m striving to have as many guests as possible do the self-checkin. I’m so grateful to myself that I have decided to organize my places (have three of them) so guests can easily do the self checkins.

Hope this helps.

P.S. I’m not affiliated with textmagic.com. I simply love their service because it has saved me a lot of time and trouble at multiple occasions.


Love your response K9KarnaCasa. Instead of expecting others to change… you change. We rent a room in our home so can’t do self- checkin but we say: Check in is from 3-6pm. If you plan to arrive later (early check in is very rare as we value having that time ‘home alone’) make sure you let us know so we can be there for you. We also pick 50% of our guests up from the airport (10 mins away) so they have a vested interest in letting us know. We tell them they must advise us 48 hours before. A free transfer is a great motivator.


That is a great way to deal with that problem. I’d be happy to pick up guests from the airport for a fee but it doesn’t really work with my schedule. I added onto the front of my house to give a private entrance so they could have access late at night and I monitor with cameras to see if they’ve arrived. It paid for itself much faster than I thought it would. In the OP’s case it’s much tougher since the airports to which the vast majority arrive are 4 hours away.


But if you pick them up, are you obligated to take them back? A shuttle from 10 minutes away would be so cheap.


Get a keypad. Set a code for each new guest/group. Message the guests that day before arrival and tell them that you will meet them in person between check in time and (for example) 6.30pm. Then ‘for your convenience in case you’re delayed’ give them self check in details. Easy peasy :slight_smile:


Later this year, Airbnb will also recognise its best guests with a new guest membership programme offering benefits across the entire trip. Chesky noted that Superguest will launch initially to 10,000 guests as a trial this summer before being rolled out to Airbnb’s wider guest community before the end of the year.

Scroll down a bit… and you will see…
Introducing Superguest
We’re building the world’s best travel membership program with you in mind, including unique experiences and the perks you care about most.


Heres betting that super guests will want a super discount! What other perks could Airbnb want out of our pockets?


After a bout of guests showing up 5-6 hours after their stated arrival time, I had to make similar changes (camera, keypad lock) . We only have so many nice summer days in Northern Michigan (I say as I shoveled a foot of snow this past weekend - In APRIL), so losing a night sitting around for a late arrival was frustrating.

I agree it’s far easier to adjust my own setup and behavior to reduce my own irritation than to hope the rest of the world shapes up to my expectations. I still try to meet people in person, but if they don’t show on time I’m not held from my other plans.

At the top of my listing I mention a free treat for reading the house rules. It’s not as big a treat as 50% off, so some people may just not care; I’d guess around 25% mention it - and that seems to be going down from prior years.

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