Family account?

I have new request from a student, under a different name than is on the account - she says they have a family account in her mothers name. did anything change with ARIBNB? As far as I know the person booking must be the guest with their own account. thanks.

There’s no such thing as a family account. People can have joint accounts, but those have all the names on it, like “Jim and Mary”.


I’ve never heard of a family account. But I have no problem accepting third-party guests. Airbnb doesn’t seem to mind either so I see no reason in not accepting them.

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I just found this on the Airbnb site

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That is the Airbnb site and their official stance is that guests should use their own account to book. In reality, there’s no real reason for this. As you can see, there is no ‘family account’.

Ah I see I didn’t know about a joint account.

But if there was some problem like damage would the third party booking. affect the situation?
By accepting third party could that come back on us in anyway? Just thinking out loud.

Yes, it would, and not in your favor (not that you can depend on ever being reimbursed for damages from any Airbnb booking).

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As with any booking, your STR insurance is what covers you. Yes, there are anecdotal stories that Airbnb has paid our for extreme damages, although I’ve never met a host this has happened to.

Third party bookings are like direct bookings - they are covered by your own STR insurance.

If you don’t have your own STR insurance you shouldn’t be taking ANY bookings IMHO. Air will just leave you hanging out to dry if you try to get them to pay for any damages.

There is NO such thing as a Family Account. Tell this person to create their own account if they want to book.

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Thank you for all responses

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Several times I’ve told the potential guest that they really should have their own account and that Airbnb will walk them through the process.

This has always worked well for me and has resulted in a booking so you might want to try that.


yes i did that and sent them ht link which walks them through the process.

No such thing as a family account on Air. We would not allow it again.
The only time we allowed a father to book for his daughter resulted in us leaving a bad review. The daughter had over a male overnight guest which alone would not have been a problem by itself. She was working down the street at our local theatre but left clear evidence they had been smoking in our No Smoking Stay (butt and ash on a window sill).

Hi Jaquo,
I usually enjoy reading your pollyanna replies and optimism about Airbnb guests but in this case I am strongly disagreeing.

While you seem to have the best luck in getting great guests there are bad actors. If something goes south during their stay, you have no recourse. Airbnb will not back you up (oops, that’s an oxymoron since they mostly never do anyway :wink: but financially, you have no leg to stand on with them or your insurance. I just tell the folks to make their own account and I’ll accept.

For the most part I’ve also been lucky about having good guests and I think that’s partly because I live below the unit but there have been a few bad apples.

I love being pollyanna. :slight_smile:

Yes, because I live next door to one of our rentals and opposite the other and because I work from home and because my lovely neighbour calls me Mrs Kravitz (if anyone here is old enough to remember Bewitched) I’m on hand 99.9% of the time to keep an eagle eye on what’s going on.

This is one of the reasons that I bang on so much about hosts having great co-hosts if they can’t be on the spot themselves.

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Yep, I’m not too old to remember both Mrs. Kravitz

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Nope. Bad information. There is no such thing as a joint account on Airbnb. Some people put two names on their profile but it is still not a joint account. If I put “King of the World” on my profile, it does not mean that Airbnb recognizes me as king of the world. Airbnb explicitly prohibits sharing an account.

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Between family members like spouses? Where does it state that is explicitly prohibited?

This is basic Airbnb account stuff. There are numerous places regarding creating an account and account verifications that state that it’s for an individual. Verification is for individual identities. Tom and Nancy can put both their names on the profile but only one of them is verified. Acting authentically and representing yourself truthfully are community standards. And then there is the ForWork program for people who specifically need to book for others, like their employees. Personally, I don’t care but it is not a legitimate Airbnb account. There is no way to put more than one name or more than one identity on the actual account so it is really one person’s account with a false profile name.

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