Fake Photos on Listing and Airbnb are aware

Hi all,
I am new to this forum and I am hoping you can help me with what to do regarding a host in my area that has 2 listings that have fake photos…
I reported the listings to Airbnb and both disappeared straight away… but however they are back the next day.
I call AIrbnb and get a delightful agent (NOT) who advises me the owner called and said it is their property… yes they do own the properties at the address linked however the photos are not of that property… I said all you need to do is do a reverse image search and it will tell you where the photos are from… she said well clearly you know the owner (I don’t) and you have had a fight with her and are just causing problems… Don’t even get me started on the fake reviews they have on the other properties… whole other story.
My point is that I think its extremely negligent of Airbnb to continue to allow the properties to be live and be able to take bookings full well knowing that the information is not correct and poor guest being scammed…but what else can I do?
Thank you in advance

I think the guests will put a bad review if it’s fake photos

I would do that…

Thanks Sylvainbg but how many poor guests will have booked already by the time a bad review is seen and taken on board… they already have quite a few bookings so quite a few people will be conned… I would hate this to be me. I have even offered Airbnb the actual photos of the house so they can see they are nothing alike… It just disgusts that Airbnb are allowing guests to be conned, but to me its all about the bottom line… $$$

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Try contacting them via social media. Say you are concerned that you have told them the photos on a listing are false (if not of this property do you know where they are from by the way?) and that they still continue to let the listing stay live - misleading guests who book the property.

How did you come across these listings and find out that the photos are false?

How do you think that they are able to have false reviews created?

Hi Helsi,
Thank you for your reply… My property manager found the listing and the host also has another property next door and she was talking about the new one they are building nearby… the aerial shot on the listing points out the listing and you can see my property manager house in the shot too…
The photos are all so different like they are taken from a magazine… so if you go onto google reverse image and put the photo in it will tell you where the image originated from and the you can tell straight away that the images cannot be taken from the location in fake photos… the main picture is actually a house in the Maldives and the real house is in Japan… My property manager has taken some photos of the real house and its not actually finished yet so that goes to the reviews… if its not finished how does anyone stay in it? then if you look at all the other properties listed the same people review all the same properties and then if you look at the person who reviewed they also have properties and then all the same ones review them… they also have the same property listed with each person so the property is multi listed…
I am guessing the owner takes the booking say from husband or friend for a low price for say 1 night and that enables them to write a review… the house currently has no furniture or windows… so I highly doubt someone would be happy to pay $819 per night to stay in a unfinished house.
Thank you about social media… I will do that and see what they say… I guess it bothers me as I booked a place and when I arrived it was not like the pictures… it was $1000 per night and I had booked for another family and then we were scrambling to get another place in peak period… I felt terrible… I feel AIrbnb have lost the plot a bit and just don’t care.

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In your social media posts be clear that the property in question is not yet completed and that the photos are of a property in the Maladives not Japan.

Emphasis your concern is the welfare of the guests who are being misled.

Can you link to the listings in question?

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You know, I would just let this go. It’s not your circus or your monkeys. Use your energy on your own place and ignore. Guests will find out straightaway anyway and this will sort itself out on its own.


Chances are, they are lining up bookings for once it’s ready, maybe? My next listing has a weeks worth of work to do, but I’m thinking of going live now, but with pictures of the old wall. It’s just a different paint job and curtains.

There is a big difference to a paint job and some new curtains to using a multi million dollar home in the Maldives Barns that looks nothing like your place…

Thanks Helsi… Yes I can link the properties to the social media link no problems… thank you for your help…

We are on a small island Konacoconutz and this sort of behaviour can impact on good hosts… the point is Airbnb should be taking action and I now will not book with Airbnb as they willing know about it yet ignore it… Imagine if you booked a place in the summer peak to arrive and its nothing like what you booked (no pool as per listing) and then you cannot get other accommodation as everything is full in advance… Not great for Airbnb’s reputation is it?

Why is this your problem to solve? There’s nothing you can do. You will just become frustrated. I’m on a small island too. There’s nothing you can do about what your competition does. You reported it, now just let it go.

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Because I care about people getting ripped off… If you don’t care thats up to you and I guess you can scroll on by…
I thought the point of this forum was to ask questions and receive helpful answers like I did above… i really don’t see your point of telling me not to worry… how is it helpful? … i can ask you the same why does it bother you that I care?

I’m not confident you have all the facts


Because Airbnb won’t do anything and you are wasting your time. This is not your issue to solve. Concentrate your energy on improving your own place. Really. Who cares what the neighboring listing is doing?! It’s not your business really. Not only that, Airbnb won’t do anything.

Also, you seem to think you can join a forum and then proceed to tell members not to comment if you don’t like the opinions you are getting. Not.

Trust me Barns I have all the facts… :slight_smile: What is it you think I don’t have? I have the address and photos of the property as it is of 2 days ago.
The main picture is of a house in the Maldives and all interior photos of from various houses around the world.
I am an ex detective and it did not take me long to find out the images are not of that property and it did not take me long to see the reviews when you check have all written on each others properties.

Has anyone been ripped off yet, m’lud?


The bookings that have been taken have paid to stay at the villa that is represented in the photos that are displayed have been ripped off… yet they just don’t know it yet and won’t know until they arrive which is pretty poor…

I reported a host local to my property for using fake photos. I understand. If you want to DM me the listing I will take a look and report them, too. Frankly, I think fake photos hurt everyone.


Thanks so much CatskillsGrrl thats really kind of you…but I have just had a message from Airbnb on FB (thanks to Helsi’s suggestion) and the property has now been delisted and they apologised for not acting earlier… They said they have looked at the photos and admitted that they are not of the property and also said that the fake reviews are now being looked at and that they can see that it appears that there is some fraud happening on the accounts…
It now just comes up with a message saying: This listing is no longer available…

I feel like you that people like this impact on the good that others do and we should act to protect one another…