Face/makeup mirror in the bathroom or guest room

Hi everyone,

I was thinking that putting a makeup mirror either in the guest room or the bathroom would be an easy and cheap amenity to add. But is it worth it? No guest has mentioned it so far. How many of you do so, and do you leave it in the guest room or the bathroom? I think for me the guest room would be easier. The bathroom doesn’t have a lot of space.

Oh, and if you have provided it, did it ever get broken?

ADDENDUM: This is a dumb male question, but, um, do a lot of women wear makeup? I don’t pay a lot of attention.

Oh, and what are the possible uses for such a mirror, aside for putting on makeup?

ADDENDUM 2: I forgot to mention it, but Amazon India has a lot of these. They range from 3 in to 8 in and above. I assume the inches correspond to the diameter? What size should one go for, then?

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I provide one. It’s a cheap and easy amenity. I have no idea how many of my guests use it, but it’s an item I use myself. I miss having one when traveling if one is not provided.

I keep it in the bathroom but I don’t think it would be a problem to have it in the bedroom.

I don’t think it’s an item that would get broken easily, but even if it did, it’s not expensive to replace. Mine has not been broken yet, after 14 sets of guests.

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I would like to add one to my space. I imagine that someone would sit at the built in desk in the bedroom, which has great lighting, to apply their makeup while their traveling partner is in the bath showering. But, I have never worn makeup. I have no idea what to buy. Would you post some amazon links for the type of thing I should be searching for. I do know that I want it to stand on the desk, and not be attached to the wall. If it folded into a flat item that could rest in the adjoining cubbies that would be even better.

I have one similar to this. Mine does not light up and I paid 12 bucks for it at TJ Maxx

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We have one (in the rental’s bedroom) that is from Ikea - I think it cost under $10. Guests have never mentioned it but I can tell by the way it has been moved that it has been used by just about every guest.

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Yes, I just bought a second one for the second guest room. And yes,they use it. And yes, women - some, wear make-up.

My mum bought me a little standing mirror for the Airbnb room. She said the ladies like them. Who am I to judge. Lol the bathroom has one too plus 2 bigger mirrors.

As does mine, but you can not sit while applying. I think that is one of the allures of these smaller mirrors. You can turn any desk/table into a vanity. Or so my mother-in-law always told me.

See ADDENDUM 2 at top… Regarding mirror size.

Mine has an 8" diameter mirror. The base is about 5" in diameter. Mine sits on the window sill in the bathroom, but you can grab it and take it anywhere you want to use it.

So is 8 inches a good size?

I think a make-up mirror in the bathroom and a full length mirror in the bedroom is the best combination. You might want to install the full length mirror near a power outlet if you host a couple and one guest wants to dry his/her hair or use a curler/straightener while the other uses the bathroom.

I’ve got a mirror in front of the bathroom sink. Also one on the inside of the wardrobe (can’t remember why it’s on the inside and not the outside).

I think so. I personally wouldn’t want one any smaller.

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Hi @Chloe,

This is available on Amazon India at the modest markup of Rs 5000 (approx USD 75).


This is ours.

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That looks a bit mini. What is the diameter?

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I’m not sure Faheem and I have guests in there right now so can’t run up and check :slight_smile:

But I think it will be about seven or eight inches. It’s just right for applying makeup but most of us would need something larger for styling hair. There is also a mirror above the bathroom sink and a full length mirror in the hallway so if a bloke is hogging one of these, his partner can use this one for makeup purposes. Sometimes I’ve found it has been moved into the dining area where there’s more natural light.

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That’s one ‘private note’ from a guest which we got, and immediately filled before the next guest could check in. Also good for removing splinters/thorns, and when old eyes like mine don’t magnify like they used to.

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I can’t hurt, I like them too. (I do like to admire myself) If there is not a lot of room in the bathroom, def. put it in the bedroom. Plus that way the ladies can get ready while the men shower.