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Extremely bad experience with airbnb host protection, please share your stories, let us be heard!



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that we know it all.

You are not the first to complain that some of us, including me, have no lives outside of the forum. For better or worse this forum doesn’t have an ignore button so you can filter us out. I’m going to comment on every topic if I want to. I try to helpful or funny and I always, always want to be corrected if I’m wrong. But if you don’t find that to be the case just scroll on!


I’m not complaining. I just wanted to be honest. I have received some amazing advise from this forum and respect it very much.


I appreciate that. I just wanted to post to prove that you’re right. :smile:


Agree. the best thing if you don’t like a comment is to scroll on by. It’s moderated so sometimes inappropriate or rule-breaking comments or posts will get deleted. It’s a case by case basis. Consistency is strived for but not always achieved. We do our best.

But there are lots of personalities here and lots of opinions. You won’t always get ones you agree with. Just like in life. It may not be perfect but it’s better than the forum of old, which had no moderation and ended up being one big spam billboard and/or a place where members went after each other with unbridled nastiness and it was allowed to stand. In those days, this forum was unusable.


I’m confused…if you cannot stand Airbnb, which it sounds like you can’t, then why are you working with them?? There are plenty of other platforms where you can advertise your space.

Your post is weird. Who has a 30minute turnover time? Nobody.
What exactly are you trying to accomplish here? Because it does not sound like you really want to elicit other damage claim stories, but instead want to vent, which ALL hosts understand that need, now and then. I would say that with a huge proportion of posts is the feeling of isolated frustration, (and then having a shift after coming on here), to a feeling of relief in knowing that there are lots of other [hosts] who feel the same, at times. People took the time to reply to you, so try to be grateful.

Note: you will never “win” by trying to take on a $31b company over a small damage claim. That is ludicrous.

Another note: Air bugs all of us at some point for whatever reason, but it is still the BEST website for STRs, hands down. They have the farthest reach and are the easiest site to use, as well as the least expensive. Ok, wow now I guess I sound like an Air “lapdog” LOLOLOLOL whatever the eff that means. ???

Just simmer down. Nobody is trying to say some guests aren’t HORRIBLE, but you have to be reasonable. Airbnb is your BUSINESS PARTNER and you are going to have issues at times, but saying that you will sue them or want to get some class action going over some bedding is really silly. If you had a $100k claim that went nowhere and there were numerous similar claims, that is something, but Air has paid damages twice to us when the guest refused, which was greatly appreciated. They have also screwed us over with scammers, which was not. I think you need to adjust your perspective, or seriously consider ceasing to host altogether. Or maybe at least take a break and come back when you’ve had a re-set.


I should also add that I have lost my cool on this forum myself and had to get the smackdown AND

also had to stop hosting for a spell because we got so gd disgruntled we couldn’t see straight.

Nobody is perfect or “knows it all.” Try to remember why you started hosting to begin with:
To Make $$$$$$! Just keep that goal in mind. All business ventures have costs and expenses; this one can be chalked up to a lesson learned. Move on and make money. All this negative energy is really not worth it.


Why do you feel you would be blocked for voicing your views about the mods @mummy ?

You tend to get suspended or banned for breaking forum rules.

As far as I know saying the ‘leaders’ (how 1984) are condescending is not a sackable offence :blush:


I’m dense, not condense.

And…I don’t think any of us like our il duce moniker but we realized people didn’t realize that our teeny tiny shields next to our names meant we were moderators. I can’t imagine why but there is is.


I wanted to change mine to DEAR LEADER but Kim Jong Un already claimed that one. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I think the Punisher has stopped posting, since we made it clear he can’t use the forum to recruit members to sue Airbnb.

Yeah we’ve all had our frustrations with them but no one is going to be suing them. At least not in our lifetimes. :rofl::rofl:


Word. I think we’ve all felt like the OP at some point…Air can sometimes be frustrating or unfair, but I still think hosting on it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It has quite literally, changed my entire life, and “saved” me financially. When I remind myself of this, I feel really good…and grateful, because I remember life before Air, on other platforms that sucked! Really wish I had thought of it! I need a good Facebook or Airbnb idea!!! Pet Rock, anyone?? LOLOLOL


That reminds me of when some friend who knows nothing about tech says “hey, I have an idea for an app.” Of course they can’t implement it and chances are excellent that someone already made an app that does exactly the thing they propose. My cardiologist was urging me to use the Stepz app. “But I want a FitBit,” I cried!


I don’t know about that “Leader” moniker ~ it prompts me to raise one arm and exclaim, “Hail…”

Seems to me, the tag “moderator” would be a bit more suitable, followed by one of these: …:upside_down_face:


I feel a poll coming on… :rofl: @GutHend,

Here are your questions:

How many like the Mods having a moniker that says “Leader?”
If not, what name would you suggest?

Dear Leader
Fearless Leader
Bossy Cow
Large and in Charge
Drunk with Power
Your Excellency
Unpaid Forum Volunteer


Yeah, @GutHend , get your butt out of bed and create another of your worthy polls…and be sure and leave plenty of room for suggested names.


The leader in the grass skirt!


I left airbnb and told them to fuck off. My life has been much less stressful since.
With them driving down the rental pricing in my neighborhood and their lack of respect for hosts, they have shown me who they really care about.
There are many other Rental agencies out there. Use them.


Ha di Ha - apologies for the late night typo - have corrected.


So why are you here then @Jamr as you are no longer an Airbnb host?

(For background s/he got banned from Airbnb because they wouldn’t upload photo ID of themselves).

Sounds like from your other recent post in which you said “Good luck suckers”, that you are here to insult your fellow (or ex fellow) hosts.

Surely you have better things to do with your time ?


Profanity isn’t necessary here.

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