Extremely bad experience with airbnb host protection, please share your stories, let us be heard!

I wanted to share my extremely bad experience related to Airbnb. I just recently started hosting and had my first bad guest. Guest stayed for two nights, she violated multiple housing rules (that they were supposed to agree to and comply) and damaged my property.
After guest left and I noticed the damage they caused to bedding and found out from neighbors that guests didn’t comply to my house rules.
I didn’t know how exactly I’m supposed to ask for so-called host protection and it was not properly explained on the website, so I asked the support how I am supposed to claim the damage for items in my apartment. I had to wait for almost 3 days before getting a reply, even though they promise to reply within 24 hours, yep, sure, bull…t. so, when I finally got a reply explaining the procedure, I opened the claim. Here I must mention, that guest checked out on 18 of March and claim was opened on 21 of March, I couldn’t open it earlier, because I didn’t know how.
My claim for refund for the damaged items was immediately rejected by the guest (didn’t expect anything out of that, but this is a procedure), so I escalated it to host protection request. Little that I knew, my request got denied on 23 of March (same month I must mention) because I didn’t submit it within 14 days :smiley: Ridiculous you would say? No, not for Airbnb, so, apparently, I had 14 days to submit a complaint and I didn’t follow this timeline, when there were JUST 5 DAYS THAT PASSED between guest leaving and answer to my request for host protection being received.
I have contacted Airbnb to inquire why did they give me such a ridiculous answer that doesn’t make any sense. After two days of silence, I’ve got a message that they declined my host protection request because next guest have already checked in and I have to submit requests ONLY between checkout of one guest and check-in of another, HA! Here comes the interesting part, the guest who caused damage have checked out at 11 am on March 18, but next guest checked in at 11:30 guess when? Also at March 18, so, as per Airbnb, I had precisely whole 30 minutes to:
• Discover the damage
• Document all the damage
• Find similar items online or buy new items that needed to be repaired or replaced
• Submit a claim via Airbnb
• ….apparently also have time for cleaning and greeting new guest
Who they think I am, some f…. Barry Allen?
So, Airbnb rejected my host protection on bogus reason like this, they left me to pick up the bill, they made up ridiculous excuse not to assist me in any way and yeah this is how their host protection works.
Name of the wonderful specialist who makes those smart and not at all ridiculous decisions is Alison, but she also changes it to Alice to confuse you, good job Alice.
As an employee of quite powerful Belgian law firm, we already had to deal with multiple complaints against Airbnb and Alison/Alice comes out quite often, showing total disrespect for personal belongings or damages caused by guests to the hosts. Doesn’t matter how severe damage is and what kind of proof you have Alice/Alison (maybe she is bipolar, who knows) will ALWAYS find the way to dismiss your claim and to not give you deserved and promised protection.
However, what is interesting, once hosts starting to file complaints, lawsuits and go to press, Airbnb immediately settles cases, pays demanded compensation and then begs not to leak story to the press any further.
There, had to be shared!
Anyway, if you have problems with Airbnb, my advice is COMPLAIN COMPLAIN COMPLAIN , the best way is to complain to US California Better Business Bureau, then your complaint will be published in multiple places and will be forwarded directly to Airbnb headquarters, they will have to read and act on it. To lodge a complaint, you don’t have to be in US, it’s enough that business office is there.
We have to force them to respect hosts and guests rights and stop treating us like milking cows


The trouble is, there will be no lawsuits by us. We all agreed to binding arbitration by accepting their TOS.

It’s unfair, but you have to make your claim FAST if there is damage. You don’t have three days to wait for a response from them. Reading their help center guidelines would have helped you avoid the delay.

I know they are frustrating, but be sure to read through the entire help center since you are new. You don’t have time to waste when it comes to making a claim.


Sorry I don’t have any bad stories to share.

That certainly is the interesting part. Never mind all the work to document the damage, my question is how in the world do you clean an entire apartment in 30 minutes. It’s not Airbnb’s fault that you only had 30 minutes.

I agree with Kona’s suggestion that you become familiar with Airbnb policy before, not after you have an issue. There are many faults with Airbnb but making you document damage before the next guest checks in is not one of them. Since you didn’t do that to begin with the rest is irrelevant.


I have a feeling that you are working with airbnb, seriously, they are OBLIGED to give us reasonable claim time and it is 14 days stated in their own terms and conditions, 30 minutes is not a reasonable timeframe. Don’t defend airbnb, demand fair treatment.

don’t be a sheep, be a wolf :slight_smile:

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LOL. We don’t allow moderators to be insulted on the forum.

You are obliged to read the Terms of Service before you start hosting. You said you are new and it’s clear you don’t know what you are doing. Go read the Airbnb site, don’t spend your time here.


Oh boy, I feel that airbnb lap dogs are going to block me now, well, block away, I’ll sue them if I have to and I’ll win, people should object, people should complain, people should demand

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We can’t take someone so clueless seriously. And please, clean your airbnb room before the next guest arrives.


Lol… how do you have 30 minutes between guest’s? How can you turn around appartment within such short period of time ?


Me? An Airbnb lapdog? You are right, those who insult moderators will be banned on the spot. :rofl: I have a lapdog, but I’m not a lapdog.


You must be joking. I don’t work for Airbnb.

I have little sympathy for someone who agrees to a company’s terms and then complains because they didn’t read up on how to make a claim. I’m sorry the guest trashed your place. I totally have sympathy for that. But please. Blame the guest, not the platform.

And while we are on the subject of blame, you may NOT use this forum to recruit members to “punish” Airbnb and report them to consumer authorities. Start your own forum for that. :rofl:


Why insult highly experienced hosts because they don’t agree with your point of view?

Hardly a way to make friends and influence people.

Bottom line - it’s not Airbnb’s fault you didn’t bother to read through the Airbnb Help Centre and other information they provide for a newbie host on how things work before setting up a listing.

It was not their fault when your guest damaged your place, that you didn’t look through the information they provide on how their guarantee works. This clearly shows you need to submit a claim before the next guest arrives, so it can be shown the guest you claim caused the damage actually did it,. As someone who works in law you should understand this.

I don’t know anyone that leaves only half an hour before check out and check in for guests when turning around a property.


After reading a few threads today it’s time to come clean Kona!!! You are a Trump supporter working for Airbnb. :slight_smile:


Bahahahahahahhahahahaahhahahahaha. Did I laugh hard enough?


The other absurdities in your post have been well covered in the hosts’ responses
disparaging mental illness in this way is ignorant and it disgusts me.
Furthermore, a person IS NOT bipolar but rather suffers from Bipolar Disorder.


Oh bugger, I missed all the fun! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


so much passive aggression behind so many emojis

Some stuff does come out condescending sometimes from some leaders. I have experienced it too. Some leaders find the need to comment on every topic. You may not know every topic to comment on. Most of the advise is very good usually but occasionally you may be wrong. Including myself. It like the same folks commenting on every topic. I’m scared to even write this as I may be blocked from this site but someone had to say it.