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Extremely bad experience with airbnb host protection, please share your stories, let us be heard!



May I ask if you have ever had a successful claim for damages?


Yes. Once when they guest denied and Air ruled in my favor. And twice when I submitted the claim and the guest accepted.


Thank you for that. I was starting to get a little worried after seeing lots of comments on a Facebook post from Hosts who were unhappy with the Host Protection. So much so, that I now pay another company for cover in case of damage etc. I still think I will continue to do so, because I would rather be over covered than find out the hard way. It’s only $12.50 per night AUS and tax deductible which is a low price to cover a home worth well over a million. I have a friend who is a property manager and she will not let her house out with Airbnb due to the uncertainty surrounding Host Protection. I also use Homeaway and they paid out our damage bond no questions asked when we told them that guests had broken the house rules by holding a party at our home. We did have proof but did not need to supply it. I don’t understand how original poster can clean a home in 30 minutes though. Perhaps they need to leave time to process damage claims before the next guest arrives.


I hope that I’m living proof that being an Airbnb host isn’t stressful?


Because this site sent me an email.
It really sucks that the Natzi’s at Airbnb are still treating hosts like this.


I hope you do not have to deal with real damage and have Airbnb turn down your claim simply because the guest did not want to pay. Good luck with that.


If you go to your profile settings you can turn off email notifications, or I can do it for you. I can also close down your account.


Hilarious! I love it. “Bossy Cow!” Muahahaha


I have never claimed from Airbnb because our STR insurance has always paid for damage. It’s much simpler.


Well not everyone has STR insurance. so maybe you should tell us about it and provide some costs involved with that insurance so we are all on the same page.


I’m amazed that anyone would rent out rooms or apartments without having insurance.


If you want to get rid of everyone who has a bad experience with Airbnb and wishes to warn others, and it sounds like you do, the list will be long and you may not have very many followers left.


Well as you probably do not know, I started Airbnb with them taking a security deposit from my guests. They have since stopped taking this fee from guests and did not tell me. so when I claimed a damage, they had no money to give me for this claim. Airbnb then asked the guest to pay for the damage and the guest refused and Airbnb said basically, Good luck.
So with Airbnb changing their policy on damage and not taking any responsibility, again with not telling me of any of this, yes I also find it amazing that people do not get additional insurance when they rent.

What is a fact, is that with Airbnb’s pricing control and the additional burden of insurance now put on the host, both of which make it more costly to rent, hosting with Airbnb is much less profitable and more profitable on other sites.


Why on earth would a host not have STR insurance for their listings?

This would be like a home owner not bothering to have home insurance.

Why would what I pay be relevant to you? From your posts we aren’t even in the same country. And you have decided not to use Airbnb any more.

And after your incredibly rude comments about your fellow host on this forum why would we be falling over ourselves to help you…

I am sure you can let Google be your friend if you want details of local providers.


You sarcastically informed us that you are only here because you got an email from the site, so I offered a suggestion for how you could prevent that. Clearly @Helsi was right, you just want to complain. I have no problem with complaints and people trying to change policies and help on another.

There are far more people who are satisfied with Airbnb than aren’t. I’ve hosted about 400 guests and haven’t had any damage so I don’t have the same problem you had.


As I said before, Airbnb was suppose to take care of this. Apparently you are dealing with a Different Airbnb than I was when I started with Airbnb.
As you may or may not know is that Homeowners is not for broken lamps and such so it really does not relate here.
If you think I am rude, try dealing with Airbnb when they do not want to live up to their obligations.
Helsi, I am not looking for help here, just trying to help others.


I do think you are rude. Swearing and using insulting names towards your fellow hosts on this forum, because you don’t like us have a different opinion then you, is not the sign of someone who wants to ‘help others’.

Insurance has been covered many times here, so an interested host can use the search function.

I have never been sworn at or insulted when using Airbnb customer support.


By just complaining for the last two years? You aren’t familiar with their policies past or present so I don’t see how you are helpful.


If you do not consider warnings and case studies helpful then sounds like you are in the minority.


I don’t consider YOUR warnings helpful. You’ve posted here a few times over the last two years and you just aren’t very credible.

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