Extra rental space: A "bubble room"

I just saw this “bubble room” online and wanted to share it.

Here is the company’s website:

Looks like something from star trek and that makes it cool!


I saw those on AliExpress about a year ago. I think they need positive pressure inside to stay inflated. BTW, that website does not look very legitimate.

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I saw them online with a pricetag of something like $136 … sounds too cheap to be very durable. However, if you get one, even at a higher price, I would love to hear your feedback on them. It also looks like they need running electricity close by …a bummer.

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It’s got some quite astonishing typos, erroneous capitalisations and very silly apostrophe placements.

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Looks like a place that would be popular with exhibitionists.

Seriously, in a private setting it might be fun for star gazing. But I can’t imagine how you would heat or cool it so it would be comfortable.

Jaquo: May I ask, why do you list Traquo.com on your profile, instead of your Airbnb property listing weblink?

I would be happy to proof your property listing for any text errors.

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I already want one, though too much light pollution where I live for good stargazing. But just imagine taking it in to hills and being able to sleep under the stars without being attacked by crawling and flying things!

You may not. It does nor add to this thread in any way. It’s certainly no secret but totally inappropriate for you to ask. However, since you seem to think that questions are perfectly acceptable, may I ask why you…


I’m afraid that I can’t offer the same service to you free of charge although I can add you to my client list if you wish.


I want the Disco Dome Bouncy Castle!

Privacy? Curtains? In a hot climate they’ll cook!

Looks like a whole load of sunburnt to this pasty white boy!

What a bunch of baloney. Don asked to see my listing and then posted it in the public part of the forum, a violation of forum rules. Then he insulted me, insulted my listing and lied about it. Don Burns can’t be trusted and I would warn all members of this forum to avoid sharing their listings with him.


KKC: Tsk, Tsk. Naughty, Naughty.

We agreed we would not slam each other. Yet, there you go, breaking our truce.

Your own Airbnb Forum profile says it all: “I spend all day on the forum advising people for free. I’m a mean girl.

“There are two kinds of evil people in this world. Those who do evil stuff and those who see evil stuff being done and don’t try to stop it.”

Don, why the bold italics?

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We didn’t agree to a truce.

I understand that you don’t get it. I appreciate your efforts to point it out to anyone who hasn’t noticed.

All I promised to do was to never again try to be helpful to you in any way. But I’m not going to sit by silently while you try to sucker other people into your “share your listing with me” baloney.

I already told you that you could be banned from the forum for what you did and yet here you are, trying it again. It’s like you are purposely taunting. Why is that?