Extra guests cost?

I’m quite new to Airbnb but do far have received 5* reviews.
I have guests arriving on Friday and I’m really being messed about so any advice would be great!
I rent out one double bedroom in my home. This also comes with a private bathroom next to the bedroom and a seperate lounge for guests own use.
The couple who booked are staying 2 nights. They then asked for an extra night which I agreed to. 2,days later they said they didn’t need the extra night. They then asked if they could bring their 2 children. I explained that we only had ONE double room for 2 guests max. She then asked if she supplied an air mattress could they sleep in the lounge.
I wasn’t really happy but naively agreed!
She then changed her mind again and the kids weren’t coming!
Today… 5 days before their arrival, she’s now said the children are coming!
Talk about messing about.
I can now not get out of allowing the children as I agreed to it but what should I charge extra on top of my normal rate?
I need to give her a price soon but have no idea.
Any advice greatly appreciated…, and yes, I should have said NO in the first place!!!

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What’s your base price? Do you have a cleaning fee?

My base price is £48
no cleaning fee and I’ve not added on extra costs for extra guests as my occupancy is supposed to only be 2 adults.


Just my opinion but these people are already trouble, I would ask them to cancel. I know they sometimes turn out fine but I hate messy negotiations personally.
I charge $12 US for each extra person. No less.


Go to the reserevation, click “alter or cancel” and then alter the booking to show the rate for the two extra guests. You are very kind, and now you have guests that want to take advantage of your kind nature. It is up to you to establish your boundaries, and as some have noted here, you must take the tone of a stern nanny. So simply submit an alteration to change the booking to X people at the new rate (don’t let it calculate manually it usually doesn’t work so type in the new amount) and let the guest know that they must accept the alteration.

Don’t let them check in without having the alteration accepted. If they show up without having accepted, stop them in their tracks and say “let’s just take care of this alteration and then I will show you around”.

Experienced hosts will all agree that we start off being generous, forgiving and sometimes gullible but it doesn’t take too many bad experiences for us to toughen up and stand our ground. That doesn’t mean we lack compassion, it just means that we are very clear with the guest on what is, and is not, acceptable.

Good luck to you!


I know you’re probably right but they are here for a big family birthday celebration and as its the school holidays here, there is now absolutely nothing else available so they are not going to agree to cancel.
I know I need to toughen up really but if I cancel it will cost me.

So £10 for the extra two people for the weekend? That probably wouldn’t cover the extra breakfast and washing over the the two nights.
I’m definitely going to be more clear and learn to say NO!

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No, PER PERSON! alter through the booking on Airbnb and if she doesn’t agree she can cancel.

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10 euro each per person per night. So for two nights, then add 40 euro.

If they are not happy with it, do not let them talk you into canceling the reservation. This will hurt you badly as Airbnb has penalites for host canceling.


Do you have enough supplies for 4 guests? Are they planning on bringing their own linens for the air bed? Will they expect you to provide extra pillows? Do you have extra bath towels, etc.?

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Thank you for the advice!
I know what you mean about being overly helpful etc in the early days!!
I’ve definitely reeled myself in with some things.
I suppose because I have 2 grandchildren the same ages as the 2 that are coming my softer side has come out!
But, it is school holidays here AND peak season. My prices are the same all year but they wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else that would just accept two extra guests, children or adults. I know I only have to put up an air bed but I really do not have a clue what to charge!

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Thank you! You’re right!!! I have to be in control here. It is our home after all and I hadn’t banked on someone else’s children charging around!


She has offered to supply the air bed. I do have spare linens etc and towels.

No, it’s not just putting up an extra air bed. There will be two extra showers/baths. And like you already said…it covers two more breakfasts. It will be two more people flushing the toilet, two more people using toilet paper, shampoos, etc. And young ones put plenty of wear on tear on things.


Stop over identifying with your guests, just do what we are telling you :grinning::heart_eyes:


Right I’m going to take your advice and do as I’m told!!!
My husband won’t believe I’ve just said that!
Haven’t yet told him they are now bringing children…, might cook him a nice dinner first!


Oh dear! I hope this turns out well for you but unless I was DESPERATE for business I’d have turned them down. Since you say there is no way they’ll cancel I’d jack up my extra person charge and make it like you are doing them a big favor. And at this point, you are. If they cry foul, just tell them to cancel. As cabinhost said, you can’t cancel without penalty. I hope they turn out to be lovely, or they cancel. At the least, you learned something.


I don’t have an ‘alter reservation’ option.
If I go on the reservation there is an option to cancel it but nothing to add on extra.
I’ve tried on my iPad too but the option isn’t there.

I’ve had reservations about guests before and they’ve turned out lovely so I hope this is the case again. I’ve told her what the extra cost is so if she’s not happy with it then she can cancel or leave the children elsewhere!
This site is proving invaluable
Thank you all