Extra cleaning supplies for the guests?

Hello! Do you provide any cleaning supplies to the guests who stay 1-2 weeks? My recent guest mentioned that his expectation was to have more cleaning supplies. We’re offering the standard kit: dishwasher pads, dishwasher liquid, laundry pads, all-purpose cleaning spray, paper towels, soap, and bathroom essentials. Swiffer swiper and broom are also available.

Do you mention in your visitor guide that you provide guests with a starter pack and where they can get additional supplies if they run out.? @mariaSea

Did you ask your guest what else he expected? I assume he wasn’t planning to shampoo carpets or power wash the house. :wink:

I think what you provide is enough. As Helsi says, info about where to get extras is a good idea.

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In addition to what you listed, I provided a vacuum cleaner, a mop, bucket, a gallon of all-purpose cleaner (in case a guest wants to clean the floor), laundry bleach, laundry spot treatment, oven cleaner, and about a dozen old cleaning rags.

not really. But I do mention that the house has all essentials and something like " reach me any time if you need anything extra"

When I first started many years ago I made up a short questionnaire asking for input on layout, amenities, etc. It was very helpful. Many of the little things I did as a result have been mentioned in reviews or in-person comments. Most were cheap or no-cost. I would ask the guest what they felt was missing. Then decide if it is something reasonable. My other concern with cleaning items is to keep children away from them to avoid liability.

Well then I think you need to include this so guests are clear about what you offer and where to go for extra supplies.

Even one-nighters need cleaning stuff. :slight_smile:

One thing I’ve found as a guest is that hosts rarely leave plenty of garbage bags.

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