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Extra Cleaning Fee in House Rules?


I’ve been hosting for about 2 months and most of my guests have been clean. A few have left the house very dirty. I currently charge a $25cleaningfee. Am I allowed to note In house rules that if house is left very dirty, an additional $25 cleaning fee will apply? I want to drive cleanliness and that this is my home, not a hotel.


You can put anything in your rules as long as it doesn’t violate Airbnb policy.

I’m curious, do you refund if someone leaves the room very clean? I’d just think it evens out over time.

Charging extra for anything or even collecting for damages can be a pain. How are you going to objectively measure “very dirty” as opposed to “a little dirty” “somewhat clean,” etc? Rules need to be clearly stated and enforceable. For example, I used to have a rule stating guest had to park in the curved part of the driveway, not in front of my house. It couldn’t have been clearer yet I didn’t get 100% compliance. What am I going to do? Charge people? Get up in the middle of the night when they check in and tell them to move their car? I removed the rule and put security cameras up and quit worrying about it. Strange thing is that I get fewer people parking in the wrong place now than when I was all uptight about it.


This will likely be hard to enforce if the guests object. Airbnb wants actual receipts and such for damages or extra cleaning. Best to have a cleaning fee you are comfortable with and just leave negative reviews for dirty guests.

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The cleanliness level is up to my discretion. I think it’s a good idea, the threat of an additional fee will be enough to have guests clean up after themselves.


Please let us know how it works out.


I have an extra cleaning fee in my house rules but I don’t know how enforceable it is since I’ve not attempted to collect.

“Cleaning in excess of 3 hours (it typically takes 2) is charged at $35/hour.”

I figured if things are so messy that it’s taken me or my cleaner over 50% longer than typical to deal with it we should be paid for our time. Guests (ostensibly) agreed to this when they booked so I sure as hell hope Airbnb backs me if I ever need to charge it.


What do you mean by leaving it clean? or what is your definition of dirty? If you charge a cleaning fee, then it means you have been paid to clean the property whether it takes you 20 minutes because someone was gracious enough to do the cleaning for you or 3 hours because they extra messy, it honestly balances out. Now that being said, if someone throws garbage around the house, or leaves the bathroom in a total “mess” just because then I would take pictures, send thru a request for the additional compensation for out of the normal range of cleaning and escalate thru the resolution center. Be sure and forward the picture to the guest so they can see exactly why you are asking for additional funds. I also take in consideration for how long they were there for…if they stay 2 weeks the home could potentially be dirtier than someone who stays 2 days. Also a regular cleaning of the home should be done a regular basis, cleaning the picture frames, looking for cobwebs, cleaning the baseboards, blinds, ceiling fans etc. these are items that should not be the guests responsibility to take care of. In my humble opinion, a guest should take out the garbage, put dirty laundry in it’s central place, do the dishes and general wipe down of the kitchen/bathrooms surfaces but I do not expect them to scrub the floors or tub/shower, wipe down the cupboards, wash the windows or glass surfaces etc. Things that I do to make it up to my standards.

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