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Extra cleaning fee charge

I had guests who left my placed well worned as my cleaner said (there was just her to clean). It took her longer to clean this check out. I want to add the extra cleaning fee to my guest after finding the place this way. How do I do that? Also, is it a bit picky if I ask for the extra charge if it’s like in the $20-$40 range for the extra cleaning fee?. Thanks:). Update: already cleaned so no pics, so maybe not:(

You can do it in the resolution center. Just take pictures of what it is and describe what happened. You can charge that yes. There are some strategic things to consider though.

  1. If the guest doesn’t want to pay, which they usually don’t, you’ll have to involve Airbnb. Airbnb will charge them most of the time if this is an earnest request but if you do this often, they won’t. So you can only do this so many times in a year. Keep that in mind.

  2. You’ll probably get a bad review.

  3. The amount of work fighting the guest, Airbnb, taking pictures, doing the resolution center etc often isn’t worth it.


Oh darn, it was already cleaned…no pics can take :frowning:

This is the big question. If you ask for payment from the guest, seems like the most common response is that they refuse to pay, and retaliate by giving you a bad review. Is it worth $20-$40? Also, you should tell your cleaner to take photos next time. Maybe even go as far as to make extra cleaning charges paid to her dependent on it.

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Yes, you both do have points. I feel it’s not worth it now… I think I may just rate them on their review instead according ly

But in what way was it exceptionally dirty? And isn’t this part of the business? Some will leave your place very clean, others will leave it a little dirtier.

Did you see it yourself or is there a chance your cleaner just wanted an extra payment?

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Exactly that. This business is swings and roundabouts. Your cleaner has probably had turnovers when she’s thought ‘great - this won’t take me too much time at all. Thank you guests’ and from time to time she gets guests who stretch her a bit. She’ll need to get used to that. People aren’t perfect so guests aren’t perfect and she’s going to have real cleaning to do some of the time.

I’d have a word with her about charging extra for certain jobs and allow for these occasional additional expenses in your overnight rate. Claiming from Airbnb will cause you stress and time that you don’t need.

Usually when that question is asked here the poster replies ‘but I’ve known her for years’ or ‘but she’s never done this before’ or something similar. Those excuses don’t mean that the cleaner isn’t trying it on, especially as she didn’t take photographs. Surely she’s instructed to do so and to report extra cleaning work to you at once? I can’t imagine that you allow her to just go ahead and do extra work without your say so?


I never see a point in charging for anything under $100. It happens occasionally. Not worth the consequences or time.

Just raise your cleaning fee for the next few weeks to make up for this incident. I had a similar experience so I raised my cleaning fee from $75 to $80. I don’t think the resolution center will grant you the extra money since you don’t have pictures.

How true. I left it as part of the business. Nothing was wrecked. The cleaner did not charge extra:)

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