Extra $100 Charge adding guest bug?

Hello, has anyone encounter this problem bug with airbnb booking…Guest books 4-night stay as 1 guest, then after booking needs to add a 2nd guest which I don’t charge extra for a 2nd guest it is included in the price but when the guest changed the reservation it charge the guest an extra $100. This has happened before and going to call them right now but just wanted to see if anyone else had an issue. Thanks

I have not encountered this. Let us know what they say!


There was a bunch of discussion on the Airbnb community forum a couple of weeks ago about this. Sorry, I didn’t bookmark them or anything but you could search on there. A lot of reports in incorrect pricing with reservation change requests. I, personally, had it happen once and had to do the math and manually put the right number in to get around it.

Is it any change request or just change requests that happen after check-in. It seems like change requests after check-in have always been broken in one way or another.

I was referring to change requests prior to check-in - adding another guest, adding or subtracting a date, etc. It seems like the situations on the community forum were mostly about adding a guest prior to check-in but not sure.

First they were saying weekly discount software problem, support was saying that when the guest made an alteration that it removed the weekly discount, but this happens for 1 night too. Then the tech was saying these are service fees of $181. So it did take me an hour to explain the problem, I kept saying the price should not change for two people over and over. Long story short, sent me over to a supervisor and they found out that It was a software problem and they have to fix it manually until they can get programmers to fix the problem. Now I know why when asking the past guest to alter the guest count and they don’t, then I go on thinking they are being disrespectful after saying they would change it.