Extending my stay - don't want to get charged again for cleaning - problem with site

I’ve been in contact with the renter and she is okay both with my extended stay and only needing cleaning once when I leave. I went to the proper page to extend my stay using the calendar. My current reservation has it ending on Oct. 31. I want to extend my stay until Nov. 7th. No matter how I try, I can’t get the online site to accept calendar my inputs. I tried clicking on the 31st and then clicking the right side calendar at Nov 7th. I tried numerous dates around the 31st (end of my reservation) … It won’t proceed. I’ve read another post about extending my stat and did exactly what was suggested on this forum with no luck. I’ve read the FAQ "how to"and got to the right page to do so. I may be doing something wrong but can’t tell what. I have Airbnb’s phone number and hope it’s going to be easy to get thru to them and get help.

If you can’t do it successfully yourself, ask your host to create an alteration request that extends your stay to November 7. Once the hose submits it, you will get a notification. You just need to check that the dates and price are correct and then accept it.


Your host has to call CS to offer you a special rate for the additional week. I had this issue and once you’ve checked in, you cannot change a stay either online or with CS. The only thing you can do is put in a reservation request in Messenger along with the information about a special rate and no cleaning fee. Then your host has to “math” with Air - good luck with that! And you’ll get a notification of the special rate.

OR you can do the math for the additional week and send it to her via Air messenger as a request and she can send a special offer back.

It’s a PITA. Who wrote their functional spec?:scream:

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Or consider doing the extension direct andhost can block the rest of your dates when you pay for them.

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Here’s the breakdown for my current reservation.
Price breakdown

$75.00 x 8 nights
Cleaning fee
Service fee
As you can see, I want to avoid both an additional service fee and cleaning fee. It might be easier to refer the host to this forum topic and hope she can work it thru.
Thanks for the help.

You can’t avoid an additional service fee if you book via Airbnb. And if you have already messaged via Airbnb and then extend off platform you are putting the host at risk. You could have approached in person about extending with a cash payment and if they weren’t comfortable with that they could tell you so and call Airbnb about extending. She can send a special offer with no cleaning fee and any other $$ accommodation they would care to make for extended stay discount.