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Extended Stay Cancellations for Guest Requesting Discounts!

  1. Early Cancellation Guidelines:
    In the event that a Guest cancels an extended stay confirmed reservation;
    *Discounts are available on extended stays - Only. In the event of an early cancellation of a long-term stay (Weekly or Monthly), the present discounts will be null and voided for the entire term of the stay until the guest checks out. The daily room fee will then revert back to the original non-discounted daily room fee; from the day that the Guest was first registered:

*Note: This procedure was put in place due to the on-going fact that Guests where requesting long-term stays to negotiate a larger daily discount, then canceling their long-term stay prior to completing the stay.

I had guests that booked a monthly stay, I had to kick them out after a week, the price reverted then to daily booking price but I just gave them the lower monthly price for refund. You can ofcourse keep the higher price but it all depends how important the reviews are to you.

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Thanks, I don’t have extended stays often, but this is good to know.

Hi Genesis
Good to see your first post

From which platform did you pull this wording? Airbnb? VRBO?

You’re going to get paid for the full month’s stay anyway, even if they cancel early, I’m not sure I understand what the issue is. The long term cancelation policy already accounts for this.

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I agree, why even bother with this wording? If the guest cancels, the long-term cancellation policy will ensure they pay until the end of the month for extended stays. Of course, if you are authorizing refunds to guests that checkout early, then that’s a problem you create. Just don’t do it.

However, there is a potential anomaly if you use flexible cancellation policy and give discounts for weekly stays. E.g. a guest books a 7-day stay, then stays for one or two nights and checks out. In this case, the guest still pays for one additional night, but I assume all nights would be at the discounted rate (although I’ve never verified this). In this case, you could ensure that your discount isn’t large enough to make it worth while to cancel or you could just move to a moderate cancellation policy.

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