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My apologies If I am not welcomed to this forum. I am not a host, I am a guest. This is my first time using the service and it has me confused. Are listed amenities available for use? If it says washer/dryer and there is no additional information in the house rules, does that mean I can use it at my leisure? I don’t reuse towels. That’s unsanitary and just disgusting. I’ve read numerous threads and it seems the expectation is for the guests to reuse towels. If the listing says ac, that means I have access to the thermostat right? I shouldn’t be sweating in my room when the thermostat is at 74 and it’s a listed amenity.

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The answers to your questions depend on many variables.

If you are renting an entire house you will probably have less restricted access to the the washer/dryer than if you rent a private room. If you rent a private room you will have to coordinate with the hosts. In any case there may be quiet hours during which you are not permitted use the washer/dryer. Some hosts have restrictions on how many loads a guest may wash during their stay.

Many people reuse towels so you are insulting them by calling the habit unsanitary and disgusting. As it is the norm for Airbnb guests to use the same towels for a few days; I would recommend that when you request to book you tell the host that you require fresh towels daily.

Many hosts have boundaries on air conditioning and heating use. Some have upper and lower temperature restrictions. Some control the air conditioning and heating remotely. Some have rules that the guests are expected to abide by.


Hi. I look forward to this discussion! It is so interesting to hear about things from a guest’s perspective. Can you clarify what you mean about re-using towels? Do you expect a clean towel every day? If so, that is not the norm, not even in hotels. It is a waste of energy. It’s perfectly fine to use the same towel for 3 days.


Shouldn’t that be listed in the house rules? I’ve read multiple threads of hosts complaining of things that were not listed prior to check in. Is this just the airbnb way? Solely as an example: If washer/dryer is a listed amenity and there are no additional instructions in the house rules, how can a host then want to charge the guest per load after the fact? Do you reuse your towels at home? That is nasty. I just find it odd that reusing them seems to be the norm. As a long term guest, how often can I expect fresh linens? At home we change them out weekly.

Well, for this guest it isn’t. But now he states above that he doesn’t use a fresh towel daily at home. What is the difference?

If the house amenities say washer/dryer, then you should have access to the washer/dryer. A/C is a little more complicated. Is this a central system or a window?

In fact, is this a shared home or do you have the entire apartment/house?

I would add that there should be a clear list of amenities provided and what you can expect and what is expected of you. If you haven’t got that information, don’t be shy to just ask the host for clarification.

I find this a bit confusing. After a shower I use the same towel for a week - sometimes even more. After all, I am wiping clean water from a clean body.

74 degrees is quite chilly to me. Yes, if you have access to the thermostat then what’s the problem?


Lordy, such a pampered generation we have raised! A quick google shows that it’s perfectly fine to use a towel three times. So unless a) you are OCD and shower multiple times a day or b) you cannot wash yourself properly and still get a bit of shite on the towel when drying off, you should be fine.

edit btw, if the answer is b) SORT YOURSELF OUT FFS!!


It would be nice if this thread didn’t devolve in to people insulting one another for their views on how long a towel should be used before a fresh one is required.


I don’t intend to tussle and feathers here I’m just trying to get a clear understanding of how this all works. I’ve always stayed in a hotel. I decided to try Airbnb this trip for the obvious savings. I booked for 45 days. Listed amenities were washer/dryer, private bathroom and bedroom, essentials, wifi, kitchen access, locked door for security etc. I can’t remember them all. I asked if they could provide blackout curtains as I will be working a night shift and this be sleeping during the day and if I could charge my Prius. Mind you, those requests along with washer/dryer privileges were a high priority for me. They said they could accommodate my requests. Upon checkin, I notice the curtains are not blackout and not even wide enough to fully cover both windows. Another listed amenity was a desktop friendly space. There was a small nightstand in the room that was way to short to be used for a laptop. The guy then was reluctant to let me have washer/dryer privileges. He said he didn’t want me clothes to mess up his personal machines. He then acted like we never discussed the car charging and wanted to charge me an additional $2 a day to charge it. He’s insane. The bathroom was nasty. There was hair everywhere, soap scum on the shower walls and glass, dirty toilet, personal items everywhere including bar soap. Do hosts really expect me to use their used stuff? Are these the “essentials”? There were 4 towels? Does he want to wash them bi weekly? Maybe you all think Ima Premadonna but that’s not what I’m used to. At hotels I always get daily towels and I expect the place to be spotless. Is this not necessary because it’s someone’s home? Sorry for the novel.

Okay. I am going to go out on a limb. If the host is not willing to live up to the amenities in the listing or promises made [I hope] using the AirBNB messaging system, call AirBNB and ask to be re-homed. You could be re-homed based on cleanliness alone if there really are hairs, scum, and a dirty toilet. Be prepared to prove the dirt. Be prepared for an irate owner. Be sure that everything you have told us is contained within a message via AirBNB.

I can assure you that my guests don’t deal with any of these issues in my home. However, I don’t assume that a guest will use a fresh towel daily. That is a luxury I don’t afford myself, though I have had some guests who used more than one for a three night stay [usually two.]


It was actually a big ordeal. I cancelled and chose another listing which was way worse. The whole house was dirty and she even had spiderwebs on the wall. The room however appeared to be clean. All the reviewers gave her great railings. I cancelled her place and asked the guy If I could come back. I then paid him via PayPal at his request. I understand that Airbnb won’t help me at this point and that’s not what I’m expecting, it just seems to me that people’s expectations are low because it’s not a hotel? I also forgot to mention that there was not a lock on the door as stated in the listing. I put all his junk from the bathroom below the sink and spent about $40 on cleaning supplies myself and deep cleaned and sanitized this morning. The room was hot so I went and lowered the thermostat. I don’t want him to get upset, but I shouldn’t have to sweat in the room. I’ve never reused a towel in my life, and don’t plan on doing it now.

p.s. Here is a list of the numbers to call: http://www.airhostsforum.com/t/airbnb-resolution-center-and-contact-information-with-phone-numbers/4484/55

From what you are saying there are problems on both sides. An Airbnb is not a hotel that costs less. It usually is someone’s home. I honestly don’t mean to offend, but it sounds like you are someone who is more comfortable in a hotel where the amenities tend to be uniform.

If washer/dryer are listed as amenities and there are no restrictions outlined in the listing you should have reasonable access to them. If the host agreed to provide you with blackout curtains, he should have. The host should have not listed a desktop friendly workspace if he doesn’t have one that complies with the Airbnb’s description. However, there is no requirement that the desktop friendly workspace be in the guest bedroom. Many people (myself included) use the same towel for three or four days. As staying in an Airbnb is staying in a home, not a hotel you should discuss your need for daily fresh towels with your host before you book. A home that is as clean as a hotel is rare. Hotel rooms don’t have doors that lead straight outside so not as much dirt gets tracked in. Also in hotels the food preparation areas are not accessible to the general public. My bathroom is much cleaner than you describe, but my items are in there as I also use it. I use bar soap so it’s in the shower and on the sink. I also have liquid soap in the shower and at the sink. I have shampoo and conditioner in the shower. ese are mine. I tell the guests that they are welcome to use my toiletries. If the guest needs new toiletries that are only for them, I would expect the guest to provide them.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable for the host to charge you $2.00 per day to charge your Prius.


Well, then we can’t really help you if you are off the platform and you have pre-paid. You are somewhat stuck financially.

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I know, I know, I’m not looking for a way out, I’m asking if my expectations are above the norm.

The listing said it was a private bathroom, so doesn’t that mean that nobody is to use it except for me? Also, the Prius costs less than a dollar a day to charge. He is trying to make extra.

My guests find an immaculately clean space, including the bedroom, den and bathroom. They find a complete set of towels. They find soaps, etc. in pump bottles. They find toilet paper, paper towels, freshly ground coffee, tea, and the breakfast that they have ordered. There are cleaning supplies in the bathroom (private). They do not get to choose the temperature of the rooms, but the temperature is in the listing. I have no way to charge a Prius so I never would have agreed to that. I don’t offer the washer/dryer in my listing, but for longer term guests, I have negotiated that they can do two loads per week assuming that they are able enough to get down the basement stairs. My laptop friendly space is actually two available desks. But, that is not important. What is important is that there are baselines… cleanliness, private bath is private, etc. And, if you have accepted their amenities, and you are still on the AirBNB platform, then you have the protections of that company to ensure that you are getting what you have paid for. You have NOT paid for a hotel! That is important to remember.

Yes, your expectations are above the norm. Also, your host’s standards are below the norm.


This smells a bit fishy. This ordeal doesn’t sound real …