Exhausting checkin

Simply sharing for a laugh, never meet guests like that before.

  1. The most exhausting and disrespectful guest ever.
    He did not read the instructions, refused to do it, instead he insisted that I call him, I tried to explain for a LONG time by sending photos, maps, diagrams, but it seems, he did not look at them and only asked me to call him.

After I called and he told that he need video call on whatsapp, so ok, we were contacted by whatsapp video.

For some reason he did not listen to me, because he did not do that I said to do, but quickly irritated (he can read, we speak the same language).

me: Keep walking until you reach the arch.
I see on the video that the guest turns right and walks to other’s building entrance.
me: enter the archway, go straight to the end of the building, you need the last door with a combination lock on it.
guest: turns left immediately, goes to the first door he sees, and exactly while I’m saying “you’re going wrong, wrong door” he tells me irritably that there is no any combination lock.
Ok, we’ve found the right door. Then we 10 min try to open it with combination lock. Ok, we are in, me: turn right, there is only one apartment’s door on the floor.
Guest turns left and walks very quickly to the elevator while I’m shauting “right. Right! RIGHT!”
ok, we’ve found the right door finally. But there is 1) a key lockbox and 2) the door lock opens counterclockwise. So yes, 1) we have long tried to open the lockbox, 2) guest at the time when I was keep saying several time “To unlock the door turn the key counterclockwise” he turned it clockwise and told me “But the door is locked!”
In that moment I couldn’t stand it and said “it would be much easier if you read the instructions” and he said me really irritably “i DID NOT read your instruction, just TELL me now what to do!”

  1. left a lot of dirty dishes and bottles
  2. smoked in a bathroom (I asked him in our airbnb thread about smoking and he told me he vapes only)
  3. left the lights on in the apartment.

Going to leave this text as a review. I have no idea what goes through these people’s minds.


Very rude of him, but there are people (might know some in my family) who never mastered left and right.


and “go straight”? :grin:

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Why did you continue with this guest at this point?

This sounds very frustrating for you.

I assume you know – though nothing would have helped this guest – that you can put very detailed check-in instructions through the app on the phone, with multiple pictures. That sounds like something very valuable for your property.

because he did made the reservation and as a host I had no choice :pensive:

What was she supposed to do, cancel his booking when he’s already at the property?

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you sound like airbnb customer service :rofl:
“a guest did not read the instructions and pictures I’ve sent him”
“oh, so I think you need to put the instructions and pictures in your checking instructions” :rofl:


Our current guests are fairly young and have messaged me 13 times since Friday (checked in on Saturday). His arrival was a bit complicated so I helped him arrange it - he stayed somewhere else Friday night but asked to use our driver for: the airport pickup on Friday, to go grocery shopping, then to come to our place on Saturday for an early check in.

In addition to checking on all that, he asked about how to pay the driver, whether it’s possible to walk to town (it is, but I don’t recommend it for most guests because it’s really hiking into town and back), then he told me about a glass they broke. Today’s message was asking if we have a chess set (nope, and not mentioned in the listing).

So AirBnB just “scolded” me this morning on his message thread. Here’s what it said:
"Avoid repeating instructions
Your next guest will need check-in details as well. Add them now, so future guests can easily access them before their trip. "

Huh? Anyone ever get this before? Should I be worried? Most of his messages weren’t typical check-in questions.

I did say:

I brought up the pictures and detailed instructions in the app because I hadn’t known about it until the last year. I thought that perhaps you might not have known about it either.

Never heard of such a thing. That’s just weird. Love how Airbnb algorithms are programmed to assume that hosts are irresponsible.

not new, I always get this text from airbnb if guest asks something like address, transport etc. It’s just a recomendation.


Well, it’s not just a recommendation, as far as I’m concerned. It’s an assumption that just because a guest asks about these things, it means the host hasn’t already provided this information.

I’d venture a guess that guests asking these questions is 99% due to them not reading the listing info thoroughly, nor the messages hosts have sent. It’s the guests who should get the pop-up msg- “Make sure you have read all the listing information and all your host’s messages before asking questions.”

Like those endless reminder messages that a guest is arriving soon, Airbnb’s basic attitude seems to assume that hosts are irresponsible and need to be constantly reminded how to do their job.


Remember when airbnb would remind us to get baked goods and orange juice to prepare for the upcoming guests?


Interesting! I’ve never seen it before. Are you seeing it on the app maybe? I never use the app and it seems like an app-y kind of thing. Maybe it doesn’t pop up on the website.

Mine popped up on the desktop. Also shows up on the app. And it wasn’t even in response to a check-in question. They asked if I had a chess set.

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Haha. So the algorithm picked up “chess” as check-in?

That reminds me of when I mentioned using things like pussy-willows and other foliage as a bouquet in lieu of fresh flowers on the CC, and it appeared as blank-willows.


SO guys, Conversation Opener here. It’s been 14 days, yesterday I left my review with 1 star, and read his. Of course, he gave me 3 stars because of “unclear instructions”. :rofl:
Oh, and day before I’ve got “4” from a guest whic I allowed to arrive 3 hours earlier and use my parking 1 extra day after her checkout, so I’m gonna lose my Superhost status, thanks airbnb for its rating system.

Were the issues that this guest mentioned in their review the same issues the other guest had?

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what, in the name of god, made you think there was “the same issues”? :rofl:
“other guest” had only one issue, he did not read the instructions, another guest gave me all 5, but 4 was her overall score, and she never mentioned any “issues”.

p.s. 10 min later.
I asked her yesterday why, and she just had answered me, that she was sure “4” is good, and “5” is for INCREDIBLE like 5 stars hotel. She’s got over 200 trips. Haha classic. I remember your topic about this problem, so it’s just common, there are two reasons: guests thinks 4 is for good, 5 is for Ritz-Carlton and second one is “just because” lol

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