Excessive showers are not that harmless

The 'shower" guy who took 3-4 showers a day moved to downstairs bedroom now, cause significant mold in a bathroom.
We live in a house for 16 years and though mold in South Florida is ongoing problem, we kept it under control and never had mold before. Thankfully i have a mold insurance that covers 10K for repairs.
When a mold specialist came he said right away that mold in bathrooms is caused by excessive showers and not wiping water afterwords. Bathroom is made of stone and marble. With small amount of mold its possible to get rid of it with houselhold items such as baking soda, bleach, vinegar, but not with what we have. Now bathroom needs quite a bit of work and a guy said he can do within our insurance limit thankfully.

The guest was totally not communicative about the shower issue when i told him about mold. He kept on isisting that he does not take 3 showers a day. I told him that i can hear him, i am right there behind a wall. I told him that he even take showers BEFORE he goes to the beach. Why, i asked, why you take showers before beach, and then after??? Because i want to be clean. OMG!!
I ended up telling him that he needs to go, find yourself a separate appartment and do whatever he wants there because really, he keeps on doing things wrong including messing up my comforter that i just bought few months ago, staining and ripping it.
Few hours later he came up to me and begged me to let him stay for September as he likes it here and does not want to look for another place.

So, multiple showers a day are not that harmless. I added this as a rule to my house rules that no more than 2 showers a day, keep it short because of the mold issue.


Dang! I’m so glad you were prepared with mold insurance. Won’t he wreck your downstairs bathroom though?

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I am so sorry to hear that he caused this problem with the excessive showering. And to outright lie about how many he is taking!!

I know you probably wanted to scream at him and tell him you know why he is taking all the showers!

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do you have an exhaust fan in the bathroom?


I keep a sqegee in the shower and emphsize that it must be used after showering. Additionally, I have guest leave a light on in the bathroom until it is dry…mold can not grow in light.
This works very well…I have seen the problem when people never dry an interior bathroom properly. It is a nightmare


That’s a good idea! No I never did even tell them to dry it as honestly I don’t even do it myself. We never had problem before . The mold repair guy said its because of bathroom was wet basically all day because it did not get dry ever all day long

No. I think I should get one. Do you think it will prevent mold in a future? Even with all these showers?

Hehe I can’t tell him " that":grinning:.
This guy is total nut case. I think he has anger issues. He gets upset about everything like a 3 year old. I started to believe the domestic abuse case.
I told him about damaged comforter he did not even replied. No sorry no " I will pay for a new comforter ", nothing.
The good part he completely stays out of the way so we don’t see jim

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I am making a speech in my head to tell him about drying the bathroom. He is so damn sensitive , takes everything personally and gets angry.
When he moved there were 4 pillows on downstairs bed. He grabbed 2 more from upstairs. My husband went to take 2 pillows from him and put it on upstairs we. He started arguing with him that he needs all pillows .
My husband even had to raise his voice and tell him very firmly that no one needs 6 pillows for 1 person and if he wants more he can go buy them

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Oh no…I have a feeling he does something with those pillows!! K9 figured out why he showers 3 times a day. @KKC - any idea why a single man would need 6 pillows?? I have a feeling there is some crazy reasoning behind that one.

I don’t even want to think about it…

May be "pillow doll ":joy::joy::joy::joy:


I think you were too nice to let him stay. I wonder if he will be trouble when it is time to leave. He sounds like a real piece of work. That many showers is excessive and unacceptable. He should move to the Y and shower in the locker room all day if that is what he wants.

Where is the mold appearing? On the drywall? Is there ventilation to the room? Everything is wet in Hawaii, especially in the summer, but we don’t seem to have mold in the bathroom. My little rental bathroom is ventilated to the outside with a window that I leave open.


It’s not ventilated. I was thinking to put exhaust fan there. You can open it because you don’t have AC but I run AC 24/7, it’s 95F here with the same humidity

We have walls there made from real stone, very expensive . I take good care of it. I clean it constantly, and it looks beautiful. My guests compliment my bathroom all the time

I dnt think he will squat if that’s what you mean. I think he is afraid of me. He tries not to see me ever. My husband I think now learned how to talk to him, before he was too nice as always. .

Oh gosh… That is way hotter and more humid than Hawaii. We hardly ever get over 90. Last year we did with the El Niño…and that’s why dengue took hold (eradicated now). Right now the weather is wonderful. Except for a bit of vog! We have two eruption sites now at the other end of the island so we get some volcanic haze. Our side of the island is blocked from the trades so sometimes the air quality is pretty crappy!

To be exact :93F feels like 102F, humidity at 66%
I saw it! I wish it was like in Hawaii. Your weather is much nicer than ours everyone knows it:)

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Eeek!! I just did a quick google search of what he might be doing with those pillows. And plenty of information popped up. Apparently there are quite a few methods, and some recommend stacking the pillows. One method is even to tightly roll up a duvet.

I hope you are keeping track of your underwear. One person suggested putting a pair of panties on the pillow.

Oh my poor poor Yana…lol.

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O my god, that’s too much​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:.


When he leaves you should throw them out! Ewwwww!!

I am writing this with all of you in a park across my house. I get up to go home after my walk and I see a familiar body with a cap , the back of it. I though that painfully resembles the dude. And then I see his truck . It is him having lunch on a bench next to me.

Jus before that I was talking with my friend in a phone describing this whole thing​:flushed::flushed: