Everything in the garden is rosy, yet you get pinged on value?

We recently had 4 young ladies, all musicians and friends from college stay for a “Girls Weekend”. All good and we gave them a excellent review. Theirs to us was 5 stars in all elements bar value which was a 4,
Their review of their stay was:
Public review
We had a wonderful stay at the barn! It was super stylish, cosy and comfortable and we received a very warm welcome from Gwyneth and Peter. They went the extra mile to help us settle into the barn and assisted with our grocery delivery which was much appreciated. We didn’t want for anything during our stay, helped by very thoughtful touches, such as breakfast treats being left for us. This is a wonderful, luxurious and relaxing place to stay - highly recommend! We had a great weekend, thank you.

My question is why do people who appear to have had a fabulous time, knowing how much the cost will be before hand, then moan about value?

Because they are cheap, nothing is a good value to them even it costs less.

Let it go, it means nothing.




I moved 5 adults from my smaller 2 br, 1 bath unit to my larger 3 br 2 bath house for the SAME price, because I was concerned about their comfort and they PINGED me on VALUE and experience. My palm itched to bitch slap them!


Or because the reviewer hit 4 stars without realizing it.

As @RiverRock said, best to just move on.


I would ask the guest in a private message why they dinged you on value?
It can be done diplomatically.


If you really care, you’ll send the guest a message like that. If the guest has a valid reason for the rating, he/she will respond with some valuable information. However, if you don’t ask or if the guest doesn’t respond, then as others have said, just move on.


It doesn’t really matter, does it? They thought that the value could have been better, that’s all. Move on. :slight_smile:


Somewhere out there some clueless host has a price 40% below yours. They saw that listing or they’ve stayed in place like that and they are comparing you to them. Or they are completely clueless but think no one deserved all 5’s. It’s not related to how good a time they had or the other factors. It’s really not important.


My worst “value” reviews have been by younger guests. They wanted the Ritz Carlton for the price of a Hampton Inn.

I don’t know if they didn’t have the life experience to evaluate value or if they were expressing their sense of entitlement or may be they wanted a nicer place but couldn’t afford it.

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Anytime we’ve ever been pinged on Value, it has always been someone who got a better-deal-than-usual for some reason or another. I’m not sure if it happens because they are cheap and usually rent a cheaper place but the especially-good-deal made them “splurge” (for them) and so their expectations were raised or if because the price was such a good deal, it seemed like it must not be “valuable”.
Also, I agree with @KKC that they may

and so just be glad it wasn’t the overall rating.

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Thanks, like that. Will do and if anything interesting results will post back


Mmm not sure I agree with your last point. Value for money is a judgemental decision. You pay a cost and get benefits. If the benefits don’t match your expectations then you knock off points.

Maybe there are people who never give top marks for value for money and whatever is provided will not persuade them to give top marks.

Previous posts have suggested we try to educate guests and for me that’s not the host I aspire to. So perhaps there’s nothing we can do but have a mild rant on here​:rage::rage::rage::rage:

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These were lovely reasonable affluent people who, given their written feedback, I was surprised they pinged me. We’re are in a UK National Park and for each of them to stay for a night cost them approx £37 each. Two sharing a bed at the local premier inn would have cost at least the same or more.

That a single star deduction in one category isn’t important? I guess its a value judgment. :wink:

Once the review is posted, that’s pretty much it. I’ve posted here before about the single one star (overall) review that I got. It was a pure accident and it affected my overall score but I just had to let it go.


Thanks for the draft. I will ask them why?

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I agree re overall rating. But that’s my point. If I didn’t feel I’d got value for money, I would drop them an overall star.

As for a better deal. There’s no one nearby offing our kind of barn experience.

Well, that’s harsh so I guess you should just be glad that your guests were more generous with the overall rating than you would be for you , )


Opps, i agree with you. It was getting late on a Friday night (hic!) and what I meant to say was I would ping them a star off the value category :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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Or like one of my guests who booked my private room for $24 base +$20/additional person after complaining about the $20 and getting denied to not pay it…and the. Claims he saw my price drop to $19 while he was staying there…in fact it had been INCREASED while he was there. He said he felt cheated since I made him pay more!