Everyone’s hosting is on hold until COVID-19 is gone

I’m in Southern Europe. I haven’t opened my calendar for 2020 yet. I’m going to wait until 2020.
Here’s my reasoning:

  1. Covid-19 isn’t flu. It spreads with the speed of light. Yesterday, 133 people died in Spain from it. It’s western world pandemic even though many people still in denial. West doesn’t have discipline of Asian countries. Both EU & US are totally unprepared.

  2. I’m over 50 and can easily catch it from my Italian or any other european guests. My young visitors will survive but me… No amount of bleach, vodka, aloe, tree oil can disinfect the property 100%. You need 14 to 28 days windows if you get infectious guest. If 2 attendees at Boston Marriott conference infected many others in my small place the probability of infection increases 100 X.

  3. The earliest when vaccine will be available is March 2021. Nobody knows how COVID-19 will react to hot weather. It may kill it or vice versa.

  4. Most responsible people put travel on hold. My occupancy will go down anyways. As a host I have a very high probability to get careless, “experienced”, “seen it all traveler” who can bring infection to my property from anywhere. Comparing Covid-19 with flu, car accident, violent crime isn’t sensible. If you are a host you are exposed. There is no protection.

If I was hosting in the US I would probably carry on for now. Europe is scary place now. It’s not panic , it’s reality.

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I don’t think this is accurate; latest figures show 500+ cases in Spain but about 25 deaths. DO NOT SPREAD FAKE NEWS!!!


Nonsense. Latest figure I can find is 17.




So far there is no evidence that Covid-19 is any more virulent than your bog-standard influenzas . Yes, like flu, it will take out the old and the otherwise compromised ,and yes, there may well be sporadic deaths among the young and healthy but this, folks, is life on earth. Neither medicine nor government can fix this. The genie is out of the bottle and containment both on a local and a global scale is not likely to be achievable. Currently the panic and the sheer mind -boggling stupidity of many humans is placing an unnecessary burden on already struggling health systems/services all over the world before the storm has even hit. A tsunami of low -risk worried well are overwhelming services with demands for testing . People are fighting over toilet paper in supermarkets.
The evidence suggests that for most people Covid-19 will be nothing more than a mild coryzal illness ( a cold) .
@summerfun , should always check your facts and ensure your sources are reliable. Have you stocked up on toilet paper?


Last winter here in the UK about 13,000 people died of ordinary flu. The majority of people have no real idea of the concept of risk.


My apologies. The number came from El País. It is 25 dead and 999 infected in Spain now. About 133 they were talking about Italy.

Typo on my end.

Hosting is a very high risk in this case. It like comparing battlefield with street walking in East Harlem.

You are NOT in a high risk category because you are 50. You are low risk! @summerfun

High risk are people like me with Asthma/compromised immune systems older people snd young children.

It is completely untrue to say countries in the EU are unprepared. They have mobilised quickly.

Please stop scare-mongering.


Southern Europe isn’t prepared. Asia is. Hence the number of new cases goes down. Europe is the opposite.
What do you mean by mobilized?
Restriction of freedom of movement in affected areas and testing available to all who need it is the way to mobilize.
Everything else is just talk.

Are you a health professional specialising in the transmission of infectious diseases? @summerfun

I can only think not; as your comments and misinformation regarding the virus would indicate otherwise :frowning:

It is not a ‘western world pandemic’. It is a global pandemic. What do you mean by the West doesn’t have the discipline of Asian countries?

There is a huge difference in terms of what say is happening to what is happening in Malaysia, Thailand, India or Bangladesh then what is happening in China. Just as there is a huge difference in approaches in Italy (farcical ) to what is happening in the UK, US, Russia, Greece or Norway. Why are you lumping huge swathes of the world together and generalising about them? Certainly in the UK we have rolled out free testing over a month ago, have isolation centres set up and testing at the airports. We already have plans in place to mobilise additional health staff including bringing staff out of retirement. And of course our health treatment is available to all based on need, not just to those who can afford it.
As hopefully you know you can’t lump countries in the EU together as the all operate with separate health systems and approaches as do countries in whatever you are defining as ‘Asia’.

Places like the US are actually more vulnerable as they are charging patients to take the test and for treatment (some states excepted). So those who can’t afford it, will not take the test and the general population will then be more vulnerable to the spread of infection.

On what basis are you claiming that warmer weather may exacerbate the spread of this virus? That is not what infectious disease experts are saying is a likely outcome at all !

As a host you are no more vulnerable than anyone else.

Your thoughts are not based in reality/on any credible evidence. Sounds more like you are listening to social media and tabloid gossip.


Exactly!! I have asthmatic bronchitis, a 10% occlusion in the upper right quadrant of my right lung, and live with a minor heart condition. And I’m in my 60s (how the f— did that happen???)

I race sailboats. I bike. I hike. I swim and walk 5ks. Yes, I’m at higher risk should I contract CV19, but I’m also at higher risk for pneumonia etc with the regular flu.

And I have plenty of toilet paper, rubbing alcohol, and booze. Hot rum toddies work wonders.


Booze is the only thing I’m panic buying, in case we can’t go out!!! TG for on-line deliveries but we are hopping over to Calais this week to stock up on “essentials” :wink:


That’s me gurl. Let’s face it, if you’re quarantined, you could just get completely ratted for the fortnight, make it go quicker!




Come to my house. Buy all the booze and you get a free house! :wink:

EDIT I mean I have so much booze in my house that if you bought the booze, we throw in the house…


168 people died in Italy in the past 24 hours.
1600 infected in Spain, 36 died. Many will recover but 2020 european vacation rental business will take the biggest hit in its history.
70% hotel bookings in the Algarve, Portugal are cancelled. Italy hotel occupancy rates are at 2%.

Good reminder to everyone how volatile this business is.
Air hostess, airbnb hosts, uber drivers, cashiers, nurses all have very high risk of getting an infection.
The sad part with hosts - nobody will bail them out or help somehow financially.


Well this will clear the decks of those who are only just financially viable. I can see some mortgage defaults for those who borrowed to buy. This I feel will also limit a lot of new potential hosts.

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That’s the only silver lining in this story.

NYC to Milan flights one way - $168
4-star hotels in Milan - $55
90% of Corona cases in the US linked to Italy


We do not need more Panic based on vastly inflated #s. Here are THE ACTUAL FACTS AND STATS: