Email to former guests

What code @HiddenHaven?

I simply state I want to forward my house manual to them and (its in pdf format) and need their personal email address to send it by. 100% have done this…

Mmm… I wonder how do they would react to you using their personal email again for marketing…

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I assumed it was a code…perhaps not though. Do you offer the discount for direct booking only?

Sure. I just added 1 out of 10 as an example. Are you not measuring your success ratio?

I do too but the PDF always goes through with the relay. A trick… If you ask them to confirm, you will see their actual email on the return–uncoded.

I send guests a newsletter with a link to a contact form, they can click on to book directly.

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Shouldn’t be an issue since Ive also told them I’ll use it to keep them informed of the area and my property…but they can opt out anytime.

Now I’m running into writers block though…ugh

I’m in summer # 4 with my 1 BR condo. I have a few guests that have stayed with me every summer. I text a reminder that my 2018 summer is booking now. (Short b/c text)

“Hi ____. Anne NM Beach here. 2018 summer booking now. You took great care of my unit & were delightful. I will gladly give you a discounted rate. I hope you are doing well and staying warm! Please be in touch.”

It’s only a few folks. So far they’ve all booked. I don’t go to this trouble unless they already have a pattern of staying with me.


Do you get their email in person? Airbnb message system blocks them I believe.

It is not difficult to get the guest’s direct email address. I include it as a House Rule in my listing, stating that after their reservation has been secured, guests must provide their email address in order to receive their arrival information and personal access code to the unit.

When I receive Air’s notification that the reservation is confirmed, I write to the guest and thank them for selecting my condo and ask things like how they will be arriving, whether they have been to the area previously, stayed in a VR, remind them of the 2-person max, non-smoking, etc.

I also state that now their reservation is secured, to please send me their direct email address so I can send them the arrival instructions and access code when the time comes ~ 100% of the guests provide it. They send it via the dashboard (it isn’t blocked), and from that point on, I only communicate with the guest directly.


I have never collected a personal email address from any of my guests. Return guests are not normal around here. The few folks that might rebook, well, I prefer they book through AirBNB for at least two visits, Then if we want to do direct, I will arrange for a check or cash.

Not after the reservation is confirmed, you can ask them for it, as Sandy says.

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@konacoconutz is correct, but do note, the day their reservation is done, you can no longer send links or email addresses again. There is a short window.

For hosts who may have missed it—after a booking is confirmed you can print or save a pdf of the guest itenierary. It will have the guest name & phone info. Likewise they can print or save & it and contains the host contact info & reservation location


Once my guests’ book I share my personal email and request theirs. I immediately pull all of their data out of the system and place it on a google document. It goes back the almost eight years I have been a host.

I have sent emails to guests letting them know of renovation upgrades, updates, discounts, etc. Especially for guests who might have family in the neighborhood. This is that document with their information in addition to do I want them back. if it’s a once in a lifetime vacation, I doubt they will come back. If they’re visiting grandchildren… they’re coming back again and again. And if I give them a winter discount why not.

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After they book I request it. It’s not blocked then.

I would simply tell you to use the email address Airbnb provides. I’m trying to understand why they would give you their own private one.

Mind to share the text you use in order to ask for it?


(Just curious, do you read what you have typed before you push the Reply prompt? Sometimes it’s a little difficult to understand what you mean. Sorry.)

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Lol, was done in a rush. Hope it makes sense now. Thank you!