Email to former guests

When you email former guests, what do you include to encourage them to book again? I’m trying to put something together but am hitting a wall of writers block.

I think I get the calendar is open, the upgrades I’ve done, but I’m having a bit of a challenge stringing it all together.

What do you want former guests to know…assuming you would want them to return?

I’ve never done that (I also don’t keep their email address) but it’s an interesting approach I guess.

Are you planing on offering them a discount for a return guest? If so, I’d start there? If you made any cool upgrades to your place, that’s also a good thing to mention.

Hope this helps…

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Hi Hidden! Nice to see you back!

Well I don’t think you want to do too much selling here. After all, they already know the attributes of your place. I would actually think of you could give them news about the upgrades and offer some weeny discount off the rates, that might be the best. Soft sell here since they have already been your customer once. However I bet there are a few guests you never want to see the front of again!


You save their email or you use the AB system?

No, not through the ABB system. I think Hidden means booking direct.


I save all the personal contacts of guests that book and send the ones I like regular updates on my place, festivals, events etc.

I offer then a discount then can share with friends and family for off peak times.

And I give then my direct contact details.


How is working for you?
Worth the work? Has a decent conversion rate?

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No, I don’t do it. Hidden does. I’m in Hawaii and get very very few repeat visitors as a fly-in destination.

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What about you Helsi, how is it working for you? Worth it?

Makes sense. I wonder how it works for Helsi though. Interesting way to get additional traffic on your low season.

Does Airbnb give you the guest’s email? I have been only been able to see a Cell #. I can get email addresses from VRBO.

I’m pretty sure they used to give you the real one a while back. Now they provide you with coded email, like CraigsList does. But yes, it’s there.

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Well I work in marketing and comms, so this sort of thing is in my blood.

I have had repeat bookings and also referrals from my guests.

So minimal effort for the return I would say.


@Helsi Interesting. What’s your conversion of these emails?

Hahaha you know your right…a few I’d not refer to anyone lol!

I ask for and save their email.

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I wonder why that would give you their real email while Airbnb provides you with one that protects them?

How do you ask them for it?

@Helsi re the code. Is this something you offer when they book direct or through Airbnb via special offer?

No I ask for it in my welcome msg through Air

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@Oded can you copy the person you are asking a question to in your post as it’s hard to see who you are talking to.