Eleven Listings for One Room, with Different Titles

I was just browsing Airbnb as a guest. I noticed that one room—same photo of a bed—was listed 11 times. That’s when I stopped counting. Each time, the title said it was “near” a different attraction/location in the area.

I assume this is done with all the listings’ calendars linked.

Is this something you would do?

If it served some purpose. Like one listing is for Christmas and one is for Super Bowl and one has a 4.2 average…lol.


No. As a guest, this would annoy me. I do not want to annoy potential guests.


Glad to hear that. I wasn’t seriously shopping, but it annoyed me! Not even a great-looking bedroom.

Depending on why it’s done you wouldn’t see the other listings. For example I’ve seen entire homes that are one house with multiple listings. One listing is for the whole home, another is for just 3 bedrooms, etc. So when you put in your dates, or number or bedrooms or whatever, that listing appears or not.

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Okay, that could make sense.

I’ve seen far too many of those listings. And they always seem to be linked with hosts whose ratings aren’t the best, like below 4.6.

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Yes, this makes sense to me and would be fine. There is an Airbnb in my neighborhood, same picture on two listings, but one is for the entire house and one for just two rooms. That does not bother me. But it sounded like the only difference between these listings was the title?

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True in this case, too.

Yes. The title was the only difference. And kind of funny. I know where this listing is. It’s not actually “near” most of the places it referenced. Although “near” is a relative term.

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So, it’s just to catch the eye of a person searching for a place to stay near a specific attraction.

Maybe also be a trick a new property manager is using to make it look like he has more listings because that is more attractive to prospective clients?

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Maybe so. If that were the case, I think I would spring for a different photo. Or maybe it’s more honest to use the same photo over and over.

You’d be surprised how many hosts don’t see photos the way some of us do. Maybe they want to underpromise. (BTW, all those listings just make me look better in comparison)

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Hostels list this way, don’t they? All their rooms/beds look the same so they have no other option other than to list them separately - in order to synch calendars etc. Doesn’t mean they’re necessarily bad. There are some truly excellent hostels in my city. Really cool places and lots of great reviews.

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My 3 bedroom cabin is split up into 3 listings, 3 bed 2 bath. 2 bed 1 bath and 1 bed 1 bath all priced accordingly. I can lock doors to accomplish this. It is complicated to link them all, one has to be on request to book to avoid double bookings but it works for me. If I do not want the cheaper listings booking at x-mas, I just raise the prices above what the 3 bedroom listing is for the holidays.



I understand that. But this is 11 listings for the exact same bedroom, with the same photo in every case. One says it’s near a university, one is near a hospital, one is near a college, etc. One actually says what street it’s on.

The reviews are all over the place—1 star to 5 stars. Some of the reviews for each room are brutal. All 11 of them have average ratings in the low 4’s.

Well, not really my issue. This is a bottom feeder location. Not our market.


How many reviews do each of them have?

I think it could also be a marketing experiment.

I looked at them quickly. 20-ish to 40-ish for the three I looked at.

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