Electrical Certificate?

Hi guys I’m in in the UK and getting close to finishing my property, ready for guests.
It will be let as an entire house.
Do I need an Electrical Certificate?
I have book to have the boiler serviced to get a gas cert, but unsure about the other one.

Thanks Andrew

Pretty sure you do but even if not I’d get it checked out and certified anyway for my own piece of mind.

Yes, electrical cert and pat testing, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers , STR insurance and public liability. Depending upon where you are and how many days you intend to rent out you might also need change of use.

I have electrical tests, annual boiler check, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide alarm, fire exits signs (legal requirement), home insurance for STRs

Legionella survey and info pack for tenants anyone?


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I didn’t, at my risk. The man who did it is my partner for 20 years, and a general contractor, and if anything it’s overcode.

But STRs can attract unwanted attention. And you don’t want to rip out drywall to prove a point. Have bro Electrician bless it.

During our renovations, we spoke to the council and the fire department. Rather than find jobsworths (which was my initial hesitation), they were all extremely helpful, with pointers to local legislation and safety links. Our particular concern was exiting safely in the event of fire from a 3 storey property - apparently no-one should leave by a window like in the good old days - it has to be via a doorway.

To be honest . @Cafrin I’ve always found both really helpful. The fire service actually sent a couple of firemen around to do an inspection of my home and advise on what was needed which was great.