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Editing Airbnb Review

Hi Everyone,

You may have already known this but I just stumbled across it so I thought I’d share.

I had completed a review yesterday for an Airbnb guest that had checked out. This morning I wasn’t so sure if I had left a review so I clicked on the link via the Airbnb email that states to leave the guest a review. The link took me to my former review - which gave me the option to edit it.

I “submitted” it again then followed the link a 2nd time, and yes, I could still edit it. Now the guest hasn’t yet left a review but I found it interesting that I could edit my review prior to the guest submitting his.

FYI in case this works for you as well! To share, I was using my desktop and not a mobile device.

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Unless I missed something, that feature has existed for a long time. The ability to edit your review of the guest is available until 1 of the following occurs:

  • 48-hours passes after you first submit your review of the guest.
  • The guest submits a review of you.
  • The end of the 14-day review period is reached.

Yep it’s been there for the last five years that I have been operating.

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