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DVR Recordings gone

So I have Dish with a Hopper at my house and a Joey in the guest house.

This morning, I get up and all my Hopper recordings are gone. I called Dish and they said there is no way they got deleted themselves-so my guest must have deleted them. I was able to go into Trash and restore them. I thought my guest might have pushed the wrong button, but then I tried to delete and you have to delete each one - one by one. Is this guy diabolical or what? It was no accident! He just checked in yesterday and everything seemed fine. WTF?

Anyway, does anybody else have Dish? Is there anyway to disable the Joey to just watch TV and not have access to my DVR. The Dish customer service rep said NO, but I thought maybe somebody might have a better way.

That makes zero sense to me, but I’m sure it will to some!



Baby kangaroo in the guest house?

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This is Dish Network’s Hopper which is a DVR system, and a Joey, which is just a box that connects to the Hopper to watch TV.

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I’d google it. Someone on Reddit or one of the tech forums will know a hack if it exists.

Meanwhile, the guest was a one night guest and he spent his evening deleting your recordings? If you are sure he did it then mention it in the review and also report to Airbnb.

You might also try asking him why he did that but most people here seem to have an aversion to and fear of talking to their guests if it might be the least bit unpleasant.


Could it be a matter of logging him off and then you logging on? You might be on his account. I know that many times my guests forget to sign out.

Was one of the guests a teenage boy?

A teenage boy took great delight in changing the language options on two TV dish boxes to something other than English, changing my Netflix icons, adding French subtitles to shows, deleting the few shows from the DVR and a couple other things related to TV & Netflix & Pandora settings.

He didn’t speak French. I must’ve missed logging out of my Pandora account when I cleaned the condo.

He was just being a brat because he could.


That is so true. Even if they are in the same house sometimes.


What did you do? They just checked in yesterday for a 7 day stay.

Thanks for your suggestion, but this is just Dish. There is no logon for guests.

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Your current guests might think that what they see is just for guests and the recordings were from previous guests and not yours. Just tell the guests its shared and please don’t delete recordings.


Makes sense. We have the same setup across 2 state lines.
My program guide is off by 2 hours and I get the local commercials from “back home” in Texas at my full time house. I like it, makes me feel less homesick lol.

I found it all after they checked out. It was particularly fun trying to use a menu that was not in a language I recognized so no translation available to get down to the option to select language.

For some unfathomable reason, I have no such fears. Of course, all done with my psych scary hat on.

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