Dust underneath the rug!

i just recently got criticized by a guest who rolled up a rug in the living room in order to excercise and there was dust underneath!!!

Couldn’t we just sweep it under the carpet :upside_down_face:


@Alison_Dodd Dear lord! Ridiculous! What did you say in response and did she expect money off for that?

The horror!


I guess I am in the minority… any rug that a guest could move, I roll up and clean the floor underneath between each guest. The rugs that can’t move moved completely, I roll the edges into the center and vacuum the portion of the floor that you can get to.

Even before AirBNB, I would do the same, just no where near as frequently.


Based on my experiences - I think some people are just looking for something to complain about - no matter how perfect their stay is. I recently posted two topics on this very thing - one about people giving me glowing reviews and all five stars - but then giving me four stars for overall experience. Then people saying in private review that the living room and kitchen can be cleaner - which they don’t even get to fully utilize.

I had people gushing about how wonderful my place is, they stayed an extra day. Four stars due to dust. I’ve updated my listing promising dust as I live on a dirt road.


Dust in the wind :notes: All we are is dust in the wind :notes:
Singing out loud, some people just don’t get the poetry in life!


thanks everyone.i love the idea of promising dust! i feel better.
i clean most everyting after every guest. but not always under the rugs and under the couch pillows. etc
this woman complained about alot of things. and i usually get great reviews,
there was too much stuff in the house. the toilet was too close to the wall. on and on!

I had guests who complained that dust fell during their stay even though it was clean and dustless when they arrived.

Sometimes I think that we should be able to see the reviews that our potential guests have left for other hosts. This way we can gauge if they are just a complainer (DECLINE).

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I have an old cottage in rural Ireland and the inglenook fireplace is the original (c1900) and I have had a guest complain of dust in the fireplace! I felt like saying she would be a bit dusty if she was around since 1900 but obviously I just gave a polite short response.

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Did she also complain that the firewood generated smoke and soot??

There’s an app for that! It’s called AirReview in the Chrome store.

Now when I am looking at a potential guest’s profile, I see “X’s review for Y: …” under each review written by previous hosts. It’s also useful for identifying positively reviewed guests who don’t write reviews for their hosts at all.

You can!! Install the chrome extension!!!
I can see every review the guest has left!!! Sometimes they’ve all been good for problem guests so it wouldn’t have helped anyway but it sure is a nifty feature.

Come on fellow hosts! It’s time to start Dustbnb … we promise you dust and if you sadly don’t find any (but we know most guests find it easy to spot the tiniest dust mote!) we give you a 10% refund - a bit like some safari holidays do if you don’t see the Big Five …

I didn’t realize this app was available. We will definitely give it a try.

I was preparing my twin room today and this thread popped into my head and the rug was cleaned and underneath. :grinning:

Ha! Me too! I found a squashed chocolate :frowning: I do clean under it fairly regularly but it’s a heavy rug to move so I don’t do it every time. No idea how that chocolate got there. For some reason it reminded me of that story about the carpet-fitter who notices a lump under the newly laid carpet and just stamps down on it hard until it flattens. Then the owner shouts out ‘Have you seen our hamster?’.


Did you clean under the carpet? And under the floorboard??