Durable smart locks with remote control

Hi everyone! I’m looking for smart locks for my property. That’s gonna be the first house I’ll let side people to guest in, so please share your experience. I found the list with smart locks. But not sure about which one is better. I can’t place the link. There are Schlage, August, Yale and some kind of Samsung and Yale collab. I’ve read about Schlage, and there was a thread on this forum where someone was talking about SmartSense app to change pass remotely. Do you know anything about that?

Hello @Carol_R. We have the Schlage locks at out STR as well as our homes and rental properties. Our key is a master and we have the smart locks at the STR with a Wink controller.

They have worked like a dream until the last few weeks when we started getting error messages that it couldn’t confirm new codes and would not delete old codes. It’s actually taking the new code, but won’t confirm and we’ve had to physically test each code since this issue came up.

My husband researched it and it seems to be tied to the Wink controller. Just before Thanksgiving we decided to switch to Google Home for all of our properties. We expect to migrate to the new controller tomorrow and hope all will be resolved then.

Our guests have had no issues in using the locks and I’m able to open remotely when needed. They store about 10 codes. Each of my cleaning people, caretaker and contractor have their own code. I can track who has been in the house at what times. The guests love that they have a personal code. Some folks use the last 4 digits of the primary guest’s mobile number. I use the last two and repeat it, unless the last two digits are the same number. IMO it’s easier for the rest of the party to remember two repeating numbers than part of the primary’s mobile number.

The batteries last about 6 months and we get an alert for low battery. They are very easy to change with 2 double A batteries. We had Kwickset locks before these and the batteries ran down quickly - every couple of weeks.

Good luck!

At our home we added one to the garage door into our home. It auto locks after 60 seconds, adding another layer of security.


I have the Schlage Sense deadbolt locks, they work great. You can set, enable, and delete codes remotely through the app. You can check the history to see who locked/unlocked the door and when. I have mine set up to notify me when anyone uses the locks - and it notifies me if someone enters a wrong code several times in a row.

I had a group of ladies return (after a few drinks?) late at night and they could not remember how to use their code to work the lock. They called me and I was able to unlock it for them without even getting out of bed.

I can pre-set a week’s worth of codes in the app and they only work on the days and times I specify. Mine hold 40 codes, and you can delete the ones you don’t need anymore. I also give codes to maintenance people when needed.

I have had mine five months and the batteries are still good. They were not difficult to install, although I had to drill an extra hole in the door. I purchased mine through Amazon, much cheaper than they were at Lowes.

They also look nice:

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I’ve been looking at this option too. That’s very helpful information georgiahost. Does the guest need to down load an app to be able to use the lock? Does it work on Apple and Android phones?

The guest does not need an app at all, they just use the keycode you assign them. I let them know their keycode the day before check in, through the Airbnb message system.

The app that you use as the host is available for both Apple and Android phones, and it has worked smoothly for me. Of course if your listing’s wifi goes out you won’t be able to unlock or change things remotely, but the codes you already have programmed in the locks will continue to work even if the locks are offline.

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Thank you, that is very helpful information.

Thanks a lot! You really helped me. Hope they go in black? I saw a great Schlage model one one list (do not remember where), I guess the app should work with any of them, right? The black would look better with our doors

Schlage makes three smart locks that I know of, the Encode, Sense, and Connect. I think they all work with the same app. They have a page that shows the differences and walks you through which one to pick for your application:


Found it! https://wisepick.org/best-smart-lock-for-airbnb-more-convenience-less-hassle/
There is also a Samsung and Yale collab which can be linked to Airbnb calendar. That’s interesting. Well, thanks, again, will see. But as I see most of you think Schlage is definitely best, right?

I have the schlage aswell (with august remote) and I have not had any problems. I love it. We give every guest the last 4 digits of their phone number as their code- too easy.

Hi Carol

Are you in the states? In AUS we have strict fire regulations for units which restricts what type of locks you can use (self-latching deadlatches) and can’t (deadbolts).
Something to bare in mind.

I have not used Schlage but have August. Love them. Have Turbolock also for inside doors, although they can be used outside as well.