Drunk loud and stumbling late at night

I have a male and female guests who last night walked into my driveway and front courtyard on their way to our basement unit. They were drunk, loud, and the female was stumbling. It was after hours at 11:15pm. They were also loud in their unit. They stay one more night.

Welcome suggestions on how to respond.

Don’t respond.

It is part of being a host. Not all guests are perfect. Some of them go out and have (too much) fun.
As long as they do not trash your place.


Do your house rules specify a time after which you expect guests to be quiet? Do you have house rules against alcohol and/or drunkenness? Do you have neighbors close by that may have been disturbed?

If these guests are breaking your house rules or causing a disturbance with your neighbors, I would message them through Airbnb telling them they must modify their behavior for the remainder of their stay so you at least have it documented.

After they leave, review them as they deserve. Not knowing your house rules, I’m not sure how that would be.

I agree with Chloe, What exactly are the issues? Neighbors? Breaking house rules? Is your family not able to sleep? Of course we all prefer sober guests to care for our places.

Quiet hours are 10pm to 7am. Neighbors on all sides of property.

If a host would message me to modify my behavior, for being a bit noisy… I would slam him in my review.

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I would (and have in the past) go outside with a torch, shine it onto them and politely ask ‘Hi there, is everything OK?’ When they reply that they are, say (sweetly) ‘ah, that’s good to know. It would be wonderful if you could keep the noise down for the sake on the neighbours. Thank you SO much. Have a great night’.

Job done :slight_smile:

I agree that it’s good to have issues documented on the Airbnb platform though.


thats exactly the way to do it,

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Chris, You sound like a terrible guest, LOL! I completely understand if people want to party while on vacation but then they shouldn’t rent a place that says, “quiet time from 10pm…” I used to party quite a bit and I knew how to look for a listing where being up all night wasn’t going to be a problem for me or the owner.


Well sometimes you go out and, have a bit more fun than you originally planned.
I would not immediately start complaining when one of my guests had a good night out, it is different when it is 3 nights in a row.

When I meet my guests the morning after it happened, I normally ask them if they had a good night out, and if they had fun. Often they ask if we noticed. So I confirm, and tell them it is good that they had fun, and that we are ok with it, but ask them to be more considerate next time. And then I ask them where they went and what they did, and hear all the funny stories

As a guest I would not like it when a host immediately starts whining.


Why if you agreed to the house rules???

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Really? I do it all the time, like yesterday. This is the messages i sent:
Hi, Latanya. I am very sorry but its quite a bit of noise downstairs. It sounds like containers are being opened and closed, and doors slam. I am not feeling well, and took Nyquil. ALl these sounds woke me up. Please lets keep it quiet after 10 pm.

That was a month ago: Carlos, please consider on being acceptionaly quiet in a morning. You wake up at very early hour (5;30 am), when the whole house is still sleeping. We do mind waking up that early. Thank you

A week ago: Rojan, we can hear you very clearly in our room. Its 6:45 am. We are still asleep, could you please take you cell conversation outside?

2 months ago: Don, thank you for inviting me into your personal life. I can hear every word you are saying to your lady friend. Answer: hehehe, sorry.
Shawn, please be adviced that all of us in a house heard you all night long (if you know what i mean).

3 months ago: Robert, the sound of headboard banging at the wall does not let anyone sleep. Please, stop.
ANswer: O my god, Yana, i am so sorry, i definitely did not want to be heard. (Left me glorious review)

All these guests after my remarks stayed 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 2 months. Noone got offended and noone left me bad review.


‘Hey guys, glad to know that you’re having such a great time here :wink: Just a tip, your bed has four pillows and if you put two of them between the wall and the headboard then your neighbours would appreciate it. Thanks - enjoy!’

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Dont you think they should have figure that out??!!Dont they hear the sound, or in a heat of the moment nothing matters??

Probably (the heat of the moment). But it’s always a good idea to let them know that everyone can hear them AND offer a solution :slight_smile:

It was 3 am. I was waken up and angry:), just wanted them to stop.

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altho it is not always the most attractive option, pulling a bed out about 10" from the wall solves a lot of noise issues.


Wow, what helpful responses.

Here is what I did:

  1. I sent a nice note through AirBnB telling them they were loud entering at 11:15pm, the woman stumbling across the courtyard, and the cigarettes in the driveway. The response: very sorry and we will review rules. No problems going forward. No review written and I don’t care.

  2. Told AirBnB case manager of the problem. They were useless. Took 36 hours to respond with a canned message, blah blah blah. Can’t rely on them.

Conclusion: Yes, document your messages. If you are in the right and can write in polite complete sentences, never ever fear they will write a nasty review. Stand up for your rights as a host. And forget about AirBnB doing anything to help.


What did you want AIrbnb to do?

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I got a bunch of good LOLs out of this post. This is my favorite.