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Dreaded superhost status

I just got my superhost badge and now I am worried. It is just an average apartment in a fairly unappealing looking apartment block. Nothing is fancy. Now people are going to be expecting something more?

If people read reviews they should understand what they are booking. There is nothing you can do about location of your apartment and how it is. If they had a wrong impression its not your fault. You did not get your superhost status
based on a prettiness of your place but on how your host. Dont worry:)


Yeah, I guess it is superhost, not superhouse


Please use the search function on here to search superhost etc there are many similar posts to yours :slightly_smiling:

Basically guests don’t really know what it means so I would not worry at all. It’s quite hard to maintain.


hard to maintain, and, if you want to cancel a guest, even for a good reason, airbnb will hold it over your head.

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and you all never be a superhost again (speaking from experience here)

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Before I fully understood the ramifications, I cancelled someone that begged me to, it appears all along to save their booking fee. Now I view Superhost in a whole new light, it comes across too restrictive and like walking on eggshells. When I get it in June, after the obligatory 1-year wait for that cancellation, it will probably not last long.

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I am not really taking the superhost status seriously. In my 6 years of travelling with Air i never cared about my future host being a superhost. In my experience as a host i always come very close to being superhost but never do. Its always around 78-79%. Guests downgrade me on location all the time though i describe so detailed everything around. I used to ask some why they gave me 4* overall, and they dont even have the answer, or " i never give 5* anyway’, or 'i put 4stars??, really?", or 'but i think 4 is a very good rating".
I dont even ask anymore. I was asking only to see if i can improve anything, but all my 4* guests said that i am perfect, lol.

The Superhost program, which surely was started with the best of intent (I think), needs a little work.


I just got my badge as well, and I know within time it will be harder to maintain since I always get a ding on location. I think the reviews count more then the badge.

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There seem to be many posters who misunderstand which reviews count toward Superhost qualification. It is only the Overall review that is counted toward Superhost status, not any of the others.

Also, many posters state that Superhost status doesn’t translate to more bookings. We have been Superhosts for quite a while and we have had many guests tell us that they were only willing to stay with Superhosts.


At least, for my understanding there is a semantic mismatch in what a SH should mean and how you earn the badge. A SH for me is someone that will make your stay a better one. I imagine someone that will share his local knowdledge with me so I can have a better time, someone that will suprise me with a superb breakfast in my arrival, someone that might ride me from the airport to the house, someone that will stay there for me for anything I need. I don´t see how a SH can match to your response rate, your cancellations rate or your number of trips. The 80% of Overall Experience seems to be the only item that approachs better to what a superhost means however you could earn a 5 stars OE just for having an amazing listing and not for being super helpful with your guest. There is a lot of work here to be done.


If thats the case then it makes little sense. I had overall experience as 4*, though the rest was 5*. I think all other categories as cleanliness, comfort, location, and so on, are the elements of overall experience. If istayed in superclean, comfortable room in good location with well communicating host for the best value, how overall experience can be less than each category??

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Me too! Canceled once in six years, lost Superhost status after having it for four years. Easy come, easy go!

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I don’t understand what question you are asking. The point I was making is that all the hosts who say that they will never be Superhosts because they get dinged on location misunderstand how it works to qualify as a Superhost. The location rating is not counted.

I have never received four stars for overall experience from a guest who gave me five stars in all other categories. If that happened to me I would ask the guest to clarify.

I understood your point, I was not asking a question. I was just thinking out loud. I had quite a few guests who did it in a beginning, now I don’t even check anymore. And as I mentioned, I did ask them why. Their answers just showed me that they were not thinking or did not realize 4* was not that good. Obviously these people had no idea about superhist thing and thought 4* is still very goid

I’m still waiting for Super Guest statuses to be issued.


Yes and we are all waiting to see the guest´s stars for once!


Hi Ellen. I agree we have had suprhost status 7 consecutive times. We find a lot of our guests book due to us being suprhosts. Yes it takes effort but it is certainly paying off. For those who dismiss it I would certainly say it is working for us. Cheers from Australia

Similar to the comment book, before each guest leaves I say, My goal is to have the best rental rooms in Florida. Is there anything I could change or add to reach my goal?
This lets them tell me right then, no need to put it in a review.
I can do this because I rent rooms in my own home, so I’m here. For offsite rentals, the comment book is a great idea.

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