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Dramatic drop in bookings in September

Hey, been a while since i posted something.

I launched my AirBnb listing in July and i was almost fully booked for August. However since the 27th I have had only 1 booking for the 9th of September. Fun fact, the pair that would come was supposed to come to a wedding. Extreme flooding happened and the wedding was cancelled. The pair was nice enough not to cancel, paid their fee, wrote a good review and praised me for the communication. September is when tourism begins to drop in Kalamata, but i never expected a 99% drop. Any ideas, suggestions?

Hi @Kostas_Mandilaris,

It sounds like (if you have the time) it would be a good idea to do some marketing. There are certainly people here (not me) who can advise you about that.

Remember too that you’ve probably also come to the end of your new-listing-boost in the Airbnb search. This, combined with your end of season, is bound to have an effect. Try promoting your listing more on social media.


Thanks, that is a very valid point. Sad thing greeks rarely travel during these months. Looks like my income will come during the summer. Might as well rent it shortterm.

Do try social media though - it always works well for me.

Can you give examples of what you or do or direct me to a thread?

Try this thread :slight_smile:

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Depends too on where in the world you are. Here is SW Florida, our tourist season hasn’t BEGUN yet. When is your high season and low season?

We have a crazy September and then had nothing in October. It happens sometimes. Lower your rates and consider Instant Book (with caveats).

I had a dead-zone awhile back. Nothing nothing nothing. I was in despair, asked for advice on my listing, etc. Inexplicably it suddenly picked up. Nothing like high-season, mind you, but enough that I’m beginning to block off days. I hope that works for you, too.

I would thing Greece would be popular when it’s chilly in some parts of the world??

Where is your rental? Could you post your listing?

This is my listing https://www.airbnb.gr/rooms/13695324?preview

@dcmooney high season is June-August and then medium in September and lower in October. Picks up around April-May again.

@taylorcat For what i offer and compared to other listings (+the reviews i have) i believe that my rates are fairly low already. Instant book is up already.

It’s fabulous! I love the bathroom and the London clock especially :wink:

Personally, I think your rates are much too low. Remember that to some people, a low price indicates a low quality place.

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PS. I have Kalamata olives in my fridge right now. If I was going to Greece, I’d stay with you to taste them at the source :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kind words. I have made the kitchen and the bathroom myself. I spent one month building it from scratch. The problem is that all the other listings in the area are equally cheap or cheaper. Their advantage is that they are in the city center, however mine is next to the airport and believe me if you visit Kalamata and Messinia without a car/renting a car it is a shame as there are so many places to visit. You know someone actually gave me 4 stars for price once. I don’t know what to say.

If you ever visit, you can have olives from my own field :slight_smile:

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I remember your listing! It is quite charming. May I suggest moving photo 11 to photo 1 so that’s what people see first? It’s a bit more appealing, at least, to my east-coast-US eye.

Nice job on reviews!! Would love to stay with you if I ever got your way. Hang in there - I hope we all learn to weather the ups-and-downs with equanimity.

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Now that is an attraction in itself!

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Thank you :slight_smile: I actually moved that picture first as advice in this forum. I will try yours. Thank you all for your replies.

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By the way, in your intro you say that there is no wifi as yet. But in a reply to a review you say that wifi is now available. I don’t know about other people but wifi is a must for me.

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Good point, I have added WiFI and i was almost sure i put it there. I will double check it.

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