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Does being an Airbnb host impact your identity?



I am an undergraduate at Durham University researching for my dissertation. I have previously posted on this forum and received some great responses that I am very appreciative of.

Another element of my project leads me to investigate how Airbnb has an impact on identity?

Some specifics that I am interested in include:
Do you consider yourself to be an entrepreneur who is using Airbnb as a platform to market your property or do you view yourself as a worker on the platform?
How do you think Airbnb hosts are viewed by wider society?
Has being an Airbnb shaped your identity in any way?

Thanks so much if you are able to offer any insight into the above areas of interest! Please also add where you are based and if you are willing to be contacted further and perhaps engage in a deeper discussion via phone call or email! Again, any information is greatly appreciated and extremely useful, thanks so much for your cooperation!

Many Thanks,
Aashni Patel

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