Does anyone understand "Average RevPAR"?

Fellow Hosts, while I understand the first number below ($79), I don’t understand the number for market median ($9.5). Is there anyone who understands and could kindly clarily what my listing is being compared to?

Average RevPAR (revenue per available room)




Market median

Obviously the calculation for the $9.5 number is the same, but are you asking why the market median is such a low number or what constitutes the “market”.

I believe that low value simply means there are lots of listings that get few actual reservations. Also, in comparison, your own RevPAR may be artificially high if you have a longer preparation time or blocked-off dates because those days aren’t counted as “available” in Airbnb’s calculation of the RevPAR metric.

As for exactly what they consider the “market”, I have no idea.

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@Brian_R170 Brian, thank you for taking the time to explain it to me. Yes, I have no idea what is the geography that is considered my “market”…

Hi, if you do a search on Airbnb like a “pretend guest” and put in your city ( where your property is located) then add to the filters tab of what you offer, # rooms, etc your results will indicate places similar to yours. That’s one way to see your “market/competitor”.

@cmpipe, We’ll, you’d think that might be the case, but don’t bet on it. You don’t know if they only consider entire place vs. shared space, or house vs. apartment, max of 2 vs. max of 15 guests, or even if it’s within 100 miles of your listing. And the fact they Airbnb doesn’t tell what it means is a good indication that they will keep changing what it means.

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not sure if airbnb publishes it but the stat you are probably looking for is ADR (average daily rate). ADR x Occupancy = REVPAR